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Vastu for Marriage

What is Vastu for Marriage?

Everyone wants to get married at some point in their lives. The most preferred age for marriage in India is between 23 to 30 years. While some men and women get married easily, there are some who face a lot of hurdles in getting married. The reason could be incompatible alliance, parents refusing to give in to the demands made by other family or dowry issues. Sometimes, even if everything seems to be going right, the engagement breaks due to some reason and the marriage is further delayed. Whatever be the reason, it does bring a lot of tension and unhappiness to the boy or girl.

The reason for the delay or not getting a suitable match could be due to wrong Vastu in the house. Vastu is an ancient science of proper location and positioning of furniture and rooms in the house which helps in brings good vibes, positive energy and prosperity to the family. If the girl or boy to be married is sleeping in a room with a wrong location according to vastu, then it brings hindrances in getting married.

Following are some Vastu tips for marriage:

• The unmarried girl should always occupy the room facing the North-West direction. North-West direction is related to Air element which tendencies are forever in motion and always dynamic. By doing this, she receives momentum for her marriage. If that is not possible, then the western and eastern directions are also considered equally good. One should make sure that the south-west or south-east direction is avoided at all costs.

• Paint all the rooms of the house in light pastel colors as these bring in positive energies in the house. One should avoid black or brown colored rooms.

• The boys who face an unexplained delay in marriage should occupy the room in the north-east direction or second priority should be given to south or west facing rooms.

• Having an underground water tank in the south west direction of the house leads to delay in marriage. One should remove it immediately.

• If the house has an uneven elevation, then it leads to an uneven scenario for marriage and one should avoid such uneven elevations. Slope in South-West corner compare to North-East corner in the house is another reason for the delay in marriage.

• According to Vastu Shastra, stairs should be constructed outside the house. If it is not possible, then a staircase should be constructed in the south-west corner or the south or west directions. It is strictly forbidden in Vastu Shastra to construct staircase at the center part of the house. Try to avoid spiral type stairs because they bring bad health and has a tendency to make the couple unfit for a long-lasting marriage life.

• Iron objects under the bed should be removed at all costs for those who wish to get married soon. Clearing the clutter in the house will also bring about positive energies.

• The preferable shades for the walls of the boy’s room are light yellow, white or pink. This will remove all the problems in getting married. Color of bed sheets should be in pink and violet color shades. Try to avoid black or blue colors.

• If the boy or girl has mangal dosha in their kundali and are not getting married because of that, painting the door of their room in red or bright pink will decrease the effect of the dosha.

• Placing a rose-quartz crystal ball in the north-east direction of the room of the girl who does not wish to get married will convince her for marriage. Hanging a wind-chimes in North-west window, placing an energized pyramid in girl’s room or keeping a pair of flowers in South-west corner and lighting yellow candles in the appropriate directions are also very helpful. Keeping two rose quartz hearts near the bed is also very helpful. Try to free up 1/3 of the space in your bedroom.

• If there are some problems between your married daughter and her in-laws and she does not wish to go back to her marital home, then make her in-laws sit in such a way in your house that they don’t see the exit of the house. This will solve all the problems amicably.

Following the above tips of Vastu for marriage, the girl or boy can easily get married.

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