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Vastu for North-East Facing House

How To Make Your North-East Facing Residence A Vastu Compliant One

There are several popular named assigned to North East direction like Poja Corner, Dvya Mula, Daiva Moola, Devara Mula, God’s Corner, Vastu Pooja Corner, Eshanya, Ishanya, Eesan, Ishan, and Eshan etc. Vastu Shashtra shows several interesting facts about Northeast direction. This corner is believed to provide sustainable development to inhabitants. In case if the Northeast corner of a house is observed to be truncated then there is chances that whole family will suffer major troubles in life. On the other side, if Northeast direction is kept extended and clean then position of family members naturally attains growth at every next step. It is well proven that the Northeast extension can lead to excellent support for residents in terms of satisfaction, education, peace and development in life.

The lords of this direction are well known by the name Eswar or Eshan. Vastu Shashtra defines Northeast direction as most auspicious and holly one as compared to all 8 directions. Sites that have roads towards North and East direction are considered to reside under the category of Northeastern block. As per the studies involved in Vastu Shashtra, the Northeastern block is believed to work with male progeny.

Northeast block is generally compared with the auspicious city of Kubera, the God of Money and it is well known as Alkapuri. His blessings bring riches and happiness in the life of worshippers. He is also known as “Mrithunjayan”, the one who gives blessings for a longer life. Lord Kubera is also known as “Bala” and his blessings are really essential for the educational career of students. As per vastu shashtra, people who live in houses facing northeastern direction are believed to be highly educated and they also have interests in meditation, research, fine arts and occult science related activities. These people use to have more zeal and vigor towards their targets and they are always able to earn more by following right ways. These people usually have more desires to achieve everything in life but they often get angry so easily. However, people living in Northeastern facing houses usually live a healthy life with happiness and prosperity all around.

The Northeast bock is considered good for constructing farm house, industry, factory, apartment, flat, residence, home, plot or house. In case if the roads of the North and East direction are constructed in such a manner that the northeastern tip of considered plot is projected then as per vastu shashtra, people living in such a house will enjoy a fantastic life. If you are constructed a house towards Northeast direction then never create a sump in NE direction. Also, one should not prefer to follow much extension towards Northeast direction otherwise it will develop sage mentality in the person living inside and he may soon become sanyasi. Prefer to keep everything under control and if things appear difficult to manage then you can take assistance from some experts around. There are so many books available in market that can provide you complete knowledge about Vastu Shashtra related facts for house facing decisions.

Vastu for North-East Facing House

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