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Vastu for North Facing House

How To Make Your North Facing Residence A Vastu Compliant One

Most of the people in world will prefer to choose North direction for house orientation due the common belief that North facing houses are always good or highly auspicious. But this belief is also partially true as in few cases, even the North facing houses are found to bring troubles. Also, this is not the true fact as per guidelines provided by Vastu Shashtra.

In simple words, the auspiciousness of a house is not actually related to its orientation rather one needs to think about many other factors at the same time. It is essential to put focus on other rooms too while considering the entrance point of the house.

Vashtu Shashtra- Main Door Placement of North Facing House:

Although, most of people consider the North direction most favourable one for house facing but as per the guidelines provided by vastu shahstra, one can simply prefer to place entrance door of any house towards North direction and it will ensure good luck. However, as per the deep facts associated with vastu shashtra, there are 9 steps or padas of North direction and each one of these have different value for auspiciousness.

If you are more concerned about richness and wealth then probably 5ht pada of North orientation is best for your entrance door.

Here are few essential facts about all padas if North direction:

• The 5th pada of North direction is considered to be the most auspicious one for designing main door of the house. It is actually believed to be the location of God of Wealth, Kuber and it naturally attract wealth.
• In case if 5th pada is found to be very small or cannot be useful for your needs then you can go for 1, 2, 3 or 4th pada. But always prefer to include 5th pada along with them. In case if you are going to consume space up to pada 1 then one needs to be careful about keeping space between door and NE corner; it should follow a gap of at least 6 inches.
• One can go for pada 6 and 9 only if there is no other option left in all other preferred padas.
• It is always advised to choose a plot that has slope from South to North direction.
• Construct kitchen towards NW or SE direction, master bedroom in South West direction, Guest room should be in North West direction and prefer to design Pooja room towards NE corner of the house.

Things to Avoid for a North Facing House:

• Never construct toilet towards NE corner.
• Bedroom should not follow NE corner.
• Avoid constructing a septic tank towards NE corner.
• Do not use staircase plan towards North side of home between padas 1 and 5.
• Kitchen should not be designed in NE corner.
• Plot having slope from North to South direction should be avoided.
• Avoid having big trees towards North direction of house.
• Do not place dustbins, dirt and clutter towards NE or North corner of the house.

Vastu for North Facing House

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