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Vastu for North-West Facing House

Guide to Vastu Dosha in North-West Facing House and Remedies

North-West is one of the most important corners of the house also called the Vayavya corner. The moon is the ruler of this direction and Vayu is the lord to protect this corner of the house. The impact of the lord Vayu or the wind element, whose nature is to remain in a state of continuous movement, is very significant and strong on the dwellers in the house. For this reason, the Vayu God is also known as Sadhagati- always moving.

Significance of Wind Element or Vayu (Lord of North-West) in Life

The wind element has deep impact on communication in personal, academic and professional life. The corner is extremely eminent in the life of the women in the house as it is related to their health, martial relationship, complications at the child birth etc. In general, this corner is attributed to the prosperity, fortune, creativity and social relationships.

Influence of Vastu Dosha in North-West Facing Homes or Plot:

Vastu dosha in north-west facing homes can lead to stress, conflict with the neighbors and relatives, chances of getting stuck into serious legal matters and even imprisonment.
People residing in homes with Vastu dosha in the north-west direction of the house; develop severe enemies keeping them busy in a lot of hustles.
One of the main problems of north-west vastu dosha is that it affects the individuals in the house to assort wrong financial decisions often causing big losses.
Those having extension in the north-west corner of the house are prone to frequent migration staying out of the house and losing wealth in the due course.

Tips to Eliminate the Negative Effects of Vastu Dosha in North-West Facing House:

=> Create a Garden Space in the North-West
=> If you have open space and the main door of the house in the north-west, cultivate some fragrant plants with aromatic properties. This will purify the air entering the house and create a flow of positive energy all around.
=> Worship Lord Shiva
=> Lord Shiva holds the moon in his jatas (tied hair). Moon is the ruler of this corner. Keeping fasts on every Monday in the morning is extremely beneficial. Pour milk, ganga jal and put belpatra on Shivalinga. If you have the main door in this corner, put Om symbol and trishul near the door.
=> Do not construct any underground water tank or kitchen in the north-west direction of the house. The ideal place for kitchen in these homes is in the south-east zone. It is good to keep the bathrooms in north-west facing plots in the western side of the house.
The Bottom Line,
The North-West direction of the house has an immense influence on the life of the residents in the house especially women. Even if you have an entrance in this direction or your plot is based in this corner, it is best to avoid constructing any extension of the house in this area. If you are having trouble with the above-mentioned constructional mistakes, it is good to consult a vastu professional for permanent remedy.

Vastu for North-West Facing House

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