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Vastu for Office

Important Guidelines and Effective Remedies on Vastu for Office

At times, even if our factory is working well, yet we feel things not going smoothly in the business and we face unnecessary administration issues or losses. The reason may be the wrong positioning of the office. We manage all our business dealings from the office even if our production or inventory is in a different place. A wrong vastu for office could lead to unnecessary hassles with the staff, cancellations of important dealings or lack of cash inflow. Vastu is the ancient Indian science of directions and proper positioning. It teaches us some basic guidelines on where a certain furniture or room should be located in a house or an office to be able to reap in maximum positivity and prosperity.

Following are some tips for correct vastu for office:

• Office should be in a public place and not in a secluded place. An office surrounded by the hustle and bustle of the city traffic and noise is considered very lucky. A office which is surrounded by roads are good for commercial purposes because business will come from all the directions.

• Avoid irregular shape of the plot where office is situated. Square or rectangle is good for office structure. Lion-shaped plot (Such plots are narrow towards the end and broader in the front) is best for office purposes.

• The office building should face the North, North-West or the North-East direction as this brings in good luck. North direction is the best because it is considered Wealth direction in Vastu Shastra.

• The central part of the office if kept empty brings in prosperity. This part should be free of pillars, water sources or depressions.

• The owner should sit in the office facing the north or the east direction as this makes the person feel very fresh. North direction brings in a lot of money because lord Kuber resides there.

• Keep all the electronic gadgets, files and folders towards the left side of your north-facing working table. But if the work-station faces the east, then keep everything on the right.

• Opt for regular shapes for your office desks such as rectangle or square. Avoid L-shaped or irregular shaped tables as they bring in a lot of uncertainty. Irregular shapes cause confusion. Note that corners of this table should not be sharp edged. Wooden desk should be used for all purposes.

• One should never place images or idols of gods and goddesses on the working table as this is a sign of disrespect. If necessary, keep these images or idols of gods and goddesses at the North-East corner of the office.

• Avoid eating at the working table. According to Vastu Shastra, Smoking and Drinking is also strictly forbidden in office.

• Do not read anything else other than office material on the work desk as this also brings in negative energies in the office area. Sleeping on the table should be avoided too.

• Keep the work desk clean and uncluttered and Goddess of Lakshmi does not enter an area if it is dirty or cluttered. Clutter brings in confusion and disharmony.

• Keep office files on the western side and keep important files relating to sensitive subjects like court cases on the northeastern sides. All these files should be kept in wardrobe and doors of wardrobe should be always remain closed.

• Keep all the bank papers and files in the southwestern direction and apply a kumkum or kesar(Saffron) tilak(Mark) on them.

• The office cash locker or safe should be placed in the South-West zone of the office as this brings in stability. It must be very heavy and must made with metal like iron or steel. This area represents Earth element and brings stability. So you will never face loss.

• The head of the office should sit in the South-Western direction of the office as this zone is very strong. Good control can be exercised from this direction. The head of the office should sit facing the North i.e. Wealth direction.

• Do not place any glass structure behind the head of the office’s seat. Make sure there is a concrete wall behind as this symbolizes strong support.

• Any one sitting in the office should never have a door or window behind their backs.

• The office reception should have a profile of the company on the south wall of the reception. The table should be kept facing diagonal to the door. Flowers can be kept on the table to bring in positive and fresh energies. Placing an Aquarium in North-East area of the office reception will also be very beneficial.

• Place white colored horses in pictures, posters or statues in the North -West area of the office as these symbolize support.

The above mentioned vastu for office will surely bring in prosperity and wealth in the office.

Vastu for Office

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