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Vastu for Overhead Water Tank

What is Vastu for Overhead Water Tank?

As the name suggests Vastu is quite ‘vast’! It is spread across decoration of house, home office, colours to be painted on walls, setting of furniture and architecture of home! on similar notes, it extends its branches towards overhead tanks. Overhead tanks are one of the important installations of building as they are responsible tor pumping down water to all the floors of the building. Thus, as per vastu there are some set principles that should be followed during construction and installation of overhead tank. Water is a symbol of fulfilment, wealth, knowledge and prosperity and thus tanks should be placed accordingly as per Vastu.

So, if you are planning to buy a new house or already purchased one, we suggest having a quick look at the following description related to Vastu for Overhead tank :

Direction of Overhead tank:

1. Direction of Overhead tank: Most people think that overhead tank can be placed anywhere on the terrace and thus wherever the cost of accessories like iron pipelines is low, they prefer to install there. But overhead tank should be either in west or south west direction. Northeast corner belongs to water element as per Vastu’s five elements but that side should not be heavy. Hence a small tank can be placed at north-east corner but for the big tank south west or west direction is ideal. The overhead tank in the south west direction should be kept at least two feet over the uppermost slab as it makes that side heavy and which is advantageous in respect to potential gains.

Water tanks should not be leaking:

2. Water tanks should not be leaking: As per vastu for Overhead tank, it is believed that leaking tanks are bad omen and would lead to expenditure towards unexpected expenses. Leaking tanks can also create dampness which is a symbol of losses and poverty. So if your tanks are leaking then you need to get it sealed as soon as possible and if they are too old to be fixed now then investing some money in getting installed new ones would not be a bad decision.

Placement of Overhead tank:

3. Placement of Overhead tank: You might have noticed that overhead tanks are never placed in the middle, they are always at corners. This is because centre is primary and key place and weighing this place with extra burden makes the life of residents infeasible. It can put on extra burden on their shoulders and they might not like to stay in that house for longer duration. Also, from architectural perspective if the tank starts leaking and is placed in middle then it would impact the entire terrace area and thus it should be placed only at the corners.

Material of overhead tanks:

4. Material of overhead tanks: Vastu for overhead tanks also suggests that water tanks made of plastic should be avoided. You can construct the ones with cement because of longevity as well as strength. But if somehow it is not possible and you want to go for plastic ones then don’t buy them in light shades, dark coloured tanks are preferred.

Separation of tanks:

5. Separation of tanks: Last but not the least, you should always ensure that there are different tanks for different purpose. Water supply for your restrooms and kitchen should not be same. This is not only for hygienic purpose but also to influence the flow of positive vibes. Kitchen is like source of food and nourishment for a home and thus represents fulfilment, prosperity and good health.

Vastu for Overhead Water Tank

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