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Vastu for Peace Of Mind

What is Vastu for Peace Of Mind?

A troubled mind is the biggest obstacle to happiness and for executing our tasks easily. Lack of peace in mind results in bodily complications and an upset mood. And a bad mood is very contagious as it upsets everyone in our family. We even tend to burst out at our kids or spouses due to our own mental tensions. These tensions could be due to dissatisfaction in work, love life, marriage or such other things.

As we all know that ups and downs are part of life, yet at times, we cannot control the negativity around us and get engulfed in an aura of negative vibes causing to affect our peace of mind. If proper vastu is followed at home and at office, then no matter whatever the problems we face, we never lose our peace of mind. This in turn helps us to take better decisions and to find good solutions. Vastu is an ancient Indian science of proper location and positioning of the furniture and rooms in the house which induces positivity and prosperity into the home spaces.

Following are some vastu tips for peace of mind:

• The position in which we sleep on our bed mainly affects our peace of mind. It is the place where we spend maximum amount of time and hence its important that the location of the bed enhances our decision making power and positive mind-set. One should always sleep with the head facing the south or the east direction and one should avoid the head facing the west or the north direction.

• Never sleep under the beam because it will create unnecessary pressure on the person which is not good for mental peace.

• The elderly or the retired people in the house must sleep with their heads facing the south-west direction. This direction represent Earth element and brings stability.

• Unmarried girls should sleep in the north-west position so that they do not become stubborn in terms of marriage. North-West direction is related to Air element which is a symbol of motion. By doing this, she receives momentum for her marriage.

• Another important point is, the bed should always be located in the south west corner of the room, no matter in which direction your bedroom is situated.

• One must avoid shades of pink or red in the kitchen as these bring about negative thinking. While cooking and eating food, try to keep your face towards east direction.

• One must also avoid keeping old newspapers or dustbins in the kitchen for the same reason. It is important that never keep medicines in the kitchen as it is related to fire element.

• Placing an Omkar or Swastika in the north-east direction of the house will induce spiritual thoughts and positivity in the home atmosphere and will broaden one’s life perspective.

• According to Vastu Shastra, building should be two to three feet above from the road level.

• A toilet or store room should never be placed in the north-east or east direction of the house as they hamper the capability of overcoming negative thoughts from the past.

• There must be proper arrangement for drainage. Never allow dirty water to get stored either inside or outside of the house. It will cause health problem and will take your peace of mind.

• A dustbin placed in the East or North-East direction of the room will take your peace of mind. Best directions are South or South-west which are capable to improve the ability of the individual to ‘let go’ of the past and start afresh.

• Having a bedroom in the west or north-west direction of the house will make the owner experience a blocked-mindset, negative emotions and a regretful life. This in turn, affects relations with spouses and kids.

• Keep the center of your building or home free of pillars, water sources or depressions.

• Never keep milk producing plants like cactus and rubber plants inside the house specially in center of the house called ‘Brahma Sthan’ because they have tendency to hinder the balance and harmony which will take away peace of mind.

• Have compound walls on all the four directions of the house.

• Always remove cobwebs made by spiders inside the house because according to Vastu Shastra, it causes financial loss.

• Keep the puja room in the center or northeast direction of an area. These areas should be neat and clean.

The above mentioned tips will induce peace and positivity into the mind of the person.

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