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Vastu for Plants And Trees

Important Tips on Vastu for Plants And Trees

Trees and plants bless us with refined and pious blessing of powerful living. They not only help in sustenance of living being but also decorate the atmosphere and inject it with extra dose of positive energies for a blissful and successful life. Positive energy and good vibes contributes at maximum to the success of individuals and many scientific studies have also proven that. So if you also want the positive energies around you to enhance peace, prosperity and success without making any architectural changes to your home then Vastu can help in achieving the same.

Vastu focuses on different aspects of house designing and planting of auspicious trees and plants is one among them! Vastu for plants and trees can help in influencing specific energies which can help you in attaining a peaceful life. Read on further for vastu tips regarding plantation and choice of plants.

1. Say no to high and long-lived tree: You should avoid planting any high trees like Banyan, Peepal (Ficus religiosa) and other thorny trees which cover your house completely barring it from sunlight. These trees produce large amount of oxygen because of their thick foliage but they should never be planted in premises of home. This is because their life is huge and their roots are far spread which may also affect the foundation of building. Apart from this scientific reason, anything which obstructs natural source of light in your home is not treated auspicious.

2. Direction of plantations: If you are planting few trees in the north, east or north- east direction of the house then those should not be taller than the height of the house. If the trees are tall like coconut and lemon tree then they should be planted in either south or west direction. The tall trees are believed to provide stability and progress and thus south- west is an ideal location for them. Also, the plants which bear fruits should be planted in east as they are a symbol of gratitude and fulfilment and east being the rising sun direction; they are believed to bless your home with wealth and nourishment.

3. Must plants: Sandalwood sapling and other flower plants pots should be planted in every house! This is because they not only fill the house with fragrance but also brings prosperity, happiness and long life. Similarly money plant brings good luck and thus should be planted in the premises of your home garden. These little plants with soothing fragrance are a good source of welcoming energy and also decorate your open space.

4. Must-not plants: The plants which you should certainly avoid apart from the tall trees are thorny plants like cactus as they provide negative energy and bring bad luck too! It is also believed that can cause problems relating to lungs and kidneys and can also instigate causes of quarrel. Along with it plants like cotton, tamarind and gum should also be avoided to be planted at home. These plants are dirty to manage and thus are not considered to be auspicious. Also plants like rubber which are milk producing act as a hindrance against balance and harmony of house and thus impacts the life of residents negatively.

Vastu for Plants And Trees

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