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Vastu for Portico

What is Vastu for Portico?

A portico is a part of a roof of a building, supported alternately by columns. It is attached to the building in the form of a porch. If there is ample amount of space, a separate garage can be built to house the cars, but in case of a scarcity of space, a portico is built for the same purpose. It occupies lesser space and is just as good for parking the car. The correct location of the portico ensures good luck and positivity for the cars parked there. Not only does it increase the efficiency of the car, but it also incurs lesser expenditure on its purchase. If you plan to build a portico in your apartment, you should follow a few tips while doing so.

• The location of the car should either be in the north or east of north in the plots which face in the north or east direction.
• It should be ensured that the portico does not touch the main building. It should be supported with pillars which face away from the building and help to erect it.
• While parking the car, the north facing direction is felicitous for businessmen while the east direction is well suited for politicians, administrators and government officers.
• Porticos in the north facing direction are known to bring health name and fame to the male members of the house while porticos in the east side bring goodness and prosperity to the female members of the house.
• Porticos with slanting roofs in the east direction or with projections in the form of porches are great for the house.
• People prefer building the poomukham or portico in a lower part, as it adds to the architectural beauty of the house. Actually, its foundation should be slightly higher than the usual height. It can even be built length wise in the north eastern direction. This is even scientifically since it shields the house from direct sunlight. However in case of east facing houses, the portico can be built at a lower level.
• The shape of the portico is also an important factor to be considered while building it. They should never be round in shape and should always be square shaped.
• So that the guests are able to sit in the north or east direction, seats should be arranged in the south or western direction.
• Footwear should be placed in the north western part of a portico.


• When balconies are made on the first floor in the north and east of the house, the load in those directions increases. This can be solved by using load balancing techniques such as building the balcony as well as the portico in one single, straight line.
• If the portico slants or faces the south side in any form, it is considered as an ill omen for elders or female members of the house.
• Before making any important decisions, it is advisable to consult a Vastu expert in order to avoid any damage.

Vastu for Portico

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