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Vastu for South-East Facing House

How To Make Your South-East Facing Residence A Vastu Compliant One

Vastu Guide and Remedies for South-East Facing Homes, Offices and Other Properties

You must have often heard age old women or the religious section of the society, talk about certain things like ‘Vastu’ and ‘Fengshui’, but have you ever wondered what it is? Vastu Shastra is a traditional, Hindu science of architecture. Through scientific techniques, it tries to determine the position of various elements in nature. Consider a house for instance. A person particular about Vastu, will verify few parameters like: spatial arrangement, ground preparation, design, layout and other directional arrangements to obtain the perfect ‘yantra’ or symmetry for an idyllic house. Here, I will be sharing with you certain views about Vastu with respect to the south east direction and the ways in which it affects us.

People who are well read in the field of vastu philosophy, have often given their opinions based on the directions in a particular region of inhabitance. According to them, all the directions per se, are good for the house. These directions are seen as those on a compass are. Keeping that in mind, the south east direction lies in between the south and the east direction. The South-East direction denotes the Fire element. This corner is called the Aagneya corner ruled by the Venus (one of the planets in the navagraha). Any constructional problem or mistakes in South-East direction can affect health, fortune and prosperity in life. The ‘south east’ emblematizes the Roman Goddess, Venus. Venus is glorified for her beauty and is an epitome of love and feminism as well. Because of this, if there is an issue with the location of the door in the south east direction, the women in the house have to face a great deal of suffering.

The severity of this sufferance can range widely from an initial aura of mental adversity like tension and anger shown by the ladies, to serious, physical discomfort like a dangerous disease which can confine her to a bed for a major part of her life. This location has even proven to affect marriages if the equipment’s used in the room are improper. These matters can be solved by using multifarious gems, mantras, checking the material that the floor is made of and worshipping the required God. For the south east direction, the gems that can be used consist of: coral, yellow sapphire, diamonds or crystals. These are integrated with the chanting of the Gayatri Mantra or the Rog Nivaran mantra and worshipping the God, Hanuman, who people generally turn to during Vastu defects as he denotes strength and protection.

While Roman mythology has its own views, according to Indian mythology, the south eastern bloc symbolizes a spirited element like the Indian God of fire, ‘Agni’ who similar to the Goddess Venus, is known for his purity. It is generally seen to be occupied by people who are economically and physically unfit compared to others and even have financial and social problems. Also, women and children are commonly found here. After much introspection, it can be concluded that the south east section is enriched with the power and zeal of both the Indian, and the Roman demigods and serves as a safe haven for people to live in.

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