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Vastu for South Facing House

How To Make Your South Facing Residence A Vastu Compliant One

From last few years, the south facing houses are considered to be a bad choice and it is probably due to the miss beliefs or rumours spread in the market. Actually, very few people are actually familiar with the rules and guidelines of vastu shashtra, rest all use to follow misconceptions. The fact is that even a South facing house can be good choice but only if the construction is followed as per set rules of Vashtu Shashtra. When you follow all guidelines of Vastu Shashtra and stay in a house that follows south direction then there is nothing superior as compared to that.

What Vastu Shashtra says about a South Facing House?

The true fact is that as per vastu shashtra all directions are auspicious and are proven to be equally good. But if we go in deep details then it is understood that the superiority of direction matters when one need to take decision about direction of entrance door. Thus, even if you have designed your house by keeping its face towards south direction then also you just need to focus on entrance door placement to welcome good luck inside. When one follows rules or guidelines as mentioned in Vastu Shashtra then it becomes much easier to have auspicious relation with everything inside a house.

Studies of Vastu Shashtra reveals that main door of a south facing house should always be placed towards 4th pada. This direction is believed to provide most appreciable results whereas in case if the 4th pada becomes small as per your need then one can prefer to go for 1, 2 and 3 but 4th pada should always be included with them. At the same time, you need to ensure that this main door does not touch the SE corner and the preferred gap between both must be more than 6 inches. The most avoidable padas for South facing house are 5th and 9th.

Here are few essential facts about all padas if South direction:

• The 5th pada of South direction is considered to be the most auspicious one for designing main door of the house. It is actually believed to be the location of God of Wealth, Kuber and it naturally attract wealth.
• In case if 5th pada is found to be very small or cannot be useful for your needs then you can go for 1, 2, 3 or 4th pada. But always prefer to include 5th pada along with them. In case if you are going to consume space up to pada 1 then one needs to be careful about keeping space between door and NE corner; it should follow a gap of at least 6 inches.
• One can go for pada 6 and 9 only if there is no other option left in all other preferred padas.
• It is always advised to choose a plot that has slope from South to South direction.
• Construct kitchen towards NW or SE direction, master bedroom in South West direction, Guest room should be in South West direction and prefer to design Pooja room towards NE corner of the house.

Things to consider for a South Facing House:

• Do not construct kitchen towards South West direction.
• It is good to maintain more open space towards North and South side.
• Car parking should not be maintained in South side.
• One needs to avoid any extension towards South side.
• Slope of the plot should not be from North direction to South direction.
• Never place anything related to water such as bore well and sump etc. towards South West corner.
• Walls towards West and North side must be thicker and higher when compared to East and North side.
• While cooking, person must be facing either West or East direction thus the most preferable choices for kitchen are North West or South East corner.
• Master bedroom can be designed in South West direction.
• Choose South direction for staircase.
• Guest bedroom should be in North West direction.
• Pooja room or Living room should be designed in North East direction.
• Always prefer to include 4th pada for designing entrance point of your house.

Vastu for South Facing House

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