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Vastu for South-West Facing House

How To Make Your South-West Facing Residence A Vastu Compliant One

Vastu Guide and Remedies for South-West Facing Homes, Offices and Other Properties

Vastu is an important aspect for all homes, offices, and other properties. If the vastu in your home is not correct, it can bring serious problems to the residents. Herein is a short guide to Vastu in South-West facing homes and some easy tips to correct those problems.

The South-West direction denotes the earth element symbolizing heaviness. This corner is called the Nairuthi corner ruled by the Rahu (one of the planets in the navagraha). Any constructional problem or mistakes can affect health, fortune, prosperity and stability in life.

Vastu Dosha in South-West Facing Homes and Its Effects
Any opening in the South-West direction of the house or a plot facing this direction should not have any opening in this direction. An opening in the South-West often brings bad fortune leading to fatal consequences in life.

Some possible effects of South-West facing homes with vastu dosha include:
• Possibility of accidents, injuries or prolonged illness risks for the dwellers especially the homeowner
• Complication in the family relationships
• Financial losses
• Chances of ruining public image and reputation
• Children get prone to developing bad habits, drug addiction etc

Correctional Remedies to Remove Vastu Dosha in South-West Facing Homes
Problem: South-West Facing Plot
1. If you have a plot of house with roads on the south and the west direction, it is recommended to have higher boundary walls in the South-West.
2. Try to keep a slope or at least a certain degree of tilt in the construction of the house towards the North-East. This will help to balance the negative effects due to the SW vastu dosha.

Problem: Flats Having Balcony in the South-West
If you have a balcony in the SW, put dark curtains on the doors and Windows opening towards this direction. If it is not possible to keep the doors and windows closed, you can at least put the curtains to reduce the evil impact.

Problem: Main Door or Entrance in the South-West
1. On the top of the entrance door, you can place a photo of Pancha Mukhi Lord Hanuman ji holding the gada in the left hand.
2. Place the Siddhi Rahu Yantra on the top of the main door of the house.
3. Put the Swastik sign on the left, right and top of the main door.

You can follow one or more of the above-mentioned remedies for keeping the evil effects from entering the house through the main door. You can also put an Om sign or trishul near the main door.

Some Parting Words,
Having the living or drawing room in the South-West is perfectly all right. However, you can place heavy objects in the south-west corners to match the heaviness of the earth element. You should not construct any underground tank or bore well in the south-west as it can lead to dangerous consequences later. If you feel there are one or more vastu defects pertaining to the South-West facing home issues, it is good to consult vastu expert for permanent and powerful solutions.

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