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Vastu for Swimming Pool

Important Tips on Vastu for Swimming Pool

Vastu is a traditional art of connecting science with nature and tracing certain patterns in that connection. It uses templates like spatial arrangements, geometric designs, layouts and directions to trace out a particular format. Here, I will be using this pattern to show you how it affects the location of a swimming pool, and the best location to place one according to Vastu.

According to Vastu philosophy, any water body, whether it’s a storage tank, an underground water tank, a bore well, a water sump or a swimming pool should be placed in the north east corner of the house. If obtaining of the exact ‘north east’ direction is not possible, it can be placed either in the north or the east. However if the north east direction is accurately obtained, it calls for good vibrations and harmony in the house. Sometimes, Vastu consultants even recommend constructing a swimming pool at the terrace, top most floors, rooftop or any upper corner of the apartment. However this too has its side effects as careful attention to miniscule details such as engineering, construction or even Vastu has to be paid. Construction of the pool in the north east corner or any direction similar to this is said to be great for the prosperity and well-being of the house. It is said to increase the income, bank balance and fame in the society, and greatly increase the economic potential and prosperity for the individual.

If a resident is planning on arranging for a spa near the swimming pool, he has to consult a Vastu specialist on that matter. People, who live in countries other than India, need certain secondary structures near the pool. Structures like a cabana, a recreational planned structure, a structure with a thatched roof or any set up with its opening towards the swimming pool, should be checked, if placed in the north east direction. The experience of having a beautiful swimming pool can be made even better, by arranging it in a relaxing background like a rocky landscape with a fountain and adding tropical fruits to add to the blissful experience.

The non-religious sections of the society, who have little faith in Vastu or similar principles, handle such matters with a great deal of negligence. However, the position of such buildings or settlements is more important than we consider them to be. Often people who arranged for swimming pools to be made in the south west corners of the house, suffered great problems, not only in their personal life, but professional life as well. They had great losses in fortune and often had to encounter sleepless nights and headaches. Even they were surprised at the pain that they had to go through for a philosophy that sounded so shallow and pointless to them. So if there is any such person reading this article, it is strongly recommended to at least consider following these simple guidelines as they are easy and free from hassle if you get hold of the right architect.

Vastu for Swimming Pool

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