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Vastu for Wealth

Important Tips on Vastu for Wealth

Vastu is an Indian tradition much like Feng Shui that attracts health, wealth and move energy by strategically designing the architecture and placing materials, rooms and objects! The eternal blessings in the form of success and prosperity are yielded is Vastu is followed honestly. Wealth forms a significant part of our lives and no matter how much we say that world is not materialistic, sadly it is! If you hold the same view and struggling to get hold of it then you need to read this post! Boost your lifestyle with these following tips which have been distilled from surprising truths and see how placement of things and objects within the space affect the energy flow in your environment.

1. Gardening: Although greenery around the office and house is believed to invite good vibes but still you need to ensure that trees should be planted in south- west side of the plot! Planting trees in north- east area is believed to have an opposite affect and acts as a roadblock in flow of finances. The direction of garden should be in a manner that it allows earth, water, fire, air and space to work in harmony and enable the seeds to germinate, develop and grow healthily which brings positive energy and prosperity.

2. Keeping doors and windows clean: Grime and clutter always obstructs the path of positive energy. Doors and windows are considered to be eyes and ears of Vastu as they allow you to see and hear the world outside and thus they should be clean and tidy so that no negative energies flow in. energies are flowing in and around our place at every moment, the only difference is which type of energy is attracted to your place! Vastu believes that keeping these sources of energies clean help in attracting positivity and prosperity.

3. Get leaking taps fixed: Also from the fact of water conservation, leaking taps are not good for prosperity. It is believed that flowing taps indicate wastage of money and is thus inauspicious. You might have to spend on lot of unexpected expenses and thus it is said that money flows out like water. Leaking taps are not a good omen as per Vastu and thus should be fixed as soon as possible.

4. Decorating Entrance: Vastu also believes that wealth and prosperity will find you easily and quickly if you have distinctive decoration in place at your entrance. This means beauty attracts beauty! Hence putting a colourful name plate outside your door and keeping the area well lit and cleaned and beautifully designed! This means that you can utilise Vastu for wealth and prosperity by simply beautifying the entrance area.

5. Mirror effect: Placing a mirror in front of your cash locker is believed to double your existing wealth. Vastu believes that as the image of locker get reflected in mirror; it doubles the wealth and thus brings prosperity and symbolizes abundance!

So if you had thought that you’ve learned all you could about success and prosperity then you need to add the tinge of these extra gems and ensuring that you ensure moulding Vastu for wealth.

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