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Vastu for west Facing House

How To Make Your West Facing Residence A Vastu Compliant One

Studies reveal that west facing houses are considered as third preferences by most of people due to a common thought that this direction is not good for house as per vastu. We can call this thought misbelieve because there is no proof about this fact. The fact is that even the west facing houses can be proven good for several families but only if they follow set rules of Vastu Shashtra regarding this orientation.

What Vastu Shashtra Says about West Facing Houses?

We have heard from several people till now that if we have a house facing south direction then it is probably going to welcome troubles in life as similarly if one live in west facing house then also the negative vibes are believe to play role.

Here you need to know one fact that vastu shashtra does not claim that only north direction is good for house or west is completely bad. The real fact is that all directions are good for house orientations but one just needs to care about vastu rules at entrance point of house. The article below contains details about various rules and tips related to west facing house.

Rules and Tips for West facing House:

• As per vastu shashtra, the major focus must be given to the entrance point of all house orientations and the rules are not specific about west only.
• As per vastu, the west oriented houses can have their main door located towards any of the four west side padas like 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th. Here are few facts related to this rule:
• The 3, 4, 5 and 6 padas are some of the most suited entrance points for west facing houses.
• One can prefer to use padas 1 and 2 also but only if the space available with above 4 padas appear less.
• Vastu shashtra says that if one use direction of padas 1 and 2 for a west facing house then results cannot be very good but yes they are not even going to be bad.
• It is essential to prohibit 7, 8 and 9 padas and experts say that they should never ever be used for locating entrance point of any house.

What to follow for a west facing house?

• Locate house entrance towards 3rd, 4th, 5th or 6th pada of west direction.
• One can also go for 1st and 2nd padas.
• House walls towards south and west side must be thicker as well as higher when compared to the North and East side.
• Kitchen placement should be followed towards NW or SE direction of house; more preference is given to SE direction.
• Pooja room as well as the Living room are better suited towards NE for better results.
• Prefer to design kid’s room towards North-West, West or South direction.
• One can prefer to design guest bedroom towards North-West direction.
• The most auspicious plot for west facing house is one that has slope from South direction towards North direction.

Vastu for west Facing House

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