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Vastu for Basement

What is Vastu for Basement?

Constructing a basement is not considered auspicious for the Vastu in the house. The Vastu experts generally advice the homeowners to avoid keeping such low rooms and hollow spaces underneath. However, due to lack of availability of space, many people are bound to build basements for different purposes- storage, study room, etc. If there is no other option, follow the guidelines on Vastu for Basement below before the planning and construction.

1. Do Not Use the Basement as Bedroom or Living Room:

This is correct in terms of both science and Vastu. There is damp, darkness and lack of fresh air circulation in the basement. Spending hours in this area can lead to congestion and ill health. The moisture entering the basement through constant absorption from the surrounding soil is not good for health besides reducing the positivity in the area. Never sleep in the basement, use it as a living room or other recreational purposes.

2. Consider the East or North Direction of the Plot for the Basement:

There is a greater flow of negative energy from the South and Western direction. You can use the northern or eastern direction of the plot for constructing the basement. Try to keep open space in the North and East keeping the other two directions close.

3. Maintain the Right Dimensions when Constructing the Basement:

Ideally, the height of the basement should be 9ft approx. Always ensure to keep at least 1/4th of the basement area above the ground level. You should construct a square or rectangular basement. Any other shaped construction in the basement can be hazardous for the dwellers in the house due to the flow of negative energy.

4. Keep Some Windows in the Northern and Eastern Walls of the Basement:

The 1/4th area above the ground level in the basement is ideal for keeping large windows. If you have windows in the east, direct sunlight will enter the room throughout the morning alongside fresh air throughout the day. This will reduce the dampness in the area alleviating the negative energy in the entire house.

5. Keep Enough Open Space in the North and East:

When you store the belongings in the basement, try to stack up the South and West directions with heavy stuff, equipments etc. Having more open space in the north and east directions is beneficial Vastu for Basement. This will allow proper light and air circulation in the basement and the entire house keeping the flow of positive energy.

6. Use Light Pastel Shades on the Walls and Ceiling of the Basement:

There is a shortage of lights in the basement. The vibrant solid colors on the walls will make the space dark. The light pastel shades will bestow more illumination, positivity and enhanced vision in the area.

The Bottom Line,
It is beneficial to construct the basement following the Vastu principles to keep away the negativity from the house. Having construction faults is not a good sign of Vastu for Basement. It can affect the life of the residents in the house in many ways. If you already have a basement with Vastu problems, it is worthy to consult an expert for remedies.

Vastu for Basement

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