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Vastu for Child Birth

What is Vastu for Child Birth?

Motherhood is a new beginning of life for every couple and no doubt that it is the best gift of God for a woman. Pregnancy is always celebrated by everyone in the family, friend circle and even by relatives. You will be glad to know that Vastu Science can ensure you healthy pregnancy by taking away all worries and troubles. Astrology reveals a deep mystery behind child birth and that is incorporated for developing a specific set of guidelines that can boost success in child birth.

What You Should Avoid :

• When couple sleeps in a bedroom at North East direction then it will be difficult for the lady to conceive child because water element oppose it. Even if somehow she conceives then it may lead to abortion or miscarriage.
• As soon as lady conceives a child, her room must be shifted from SE direction because it is governed by Fire and too much heat leads to premature birth or even can cause miscarriage.
• Ensure that center of house does not contain any staircase.
• As per Vastu for Child Birth pregnant women should avoid darkness; ensure that she always stay in well lighted places.
• Pregnant woman should not watch depressing things like TV shows or Movies.
• It is not good to wear drab and dark colours for a pregnant lady; prefer to avoid dark red and black colours.
• Family members should always try to keep her happy, never ever hurt her feelings.
• Never use violent paintings in the room, they spread negative feelings around.
• Do not keep thorny and bonsai plants at home.
• Pregnant lady should not go for bathroom that is situated below staircase.
• It is good to minimize usage of gadgets like laptops, tablets, TV and cell phones. They emit unnecessary heat that can cause miscarriage.

What to Do?

• A newly married couple can live in a SE bedroom but it should be shifted preferably to SW bedroom when lady conceives.
• It is good to use NW bedroom for an unmarried girl; it helps her to get married at right time and also improves chances for a happy motherhood.
• A pregnant woman is always advised to read magazines, holy books and watch motivational things on TV.
• Prefer to wear cheerful and light cloths; the best colours are white, yellow, green and light blue. Basically they should be attractive and bright.
• Collect some paintings that appeal pleasant to viewers; add some attractive sceneries and landscapes to bedroom.
• It is essential to find time for meditation every morning and prefer NE room for this purpose. This direction carries useful UV rays in the morning hours.
• Make it a habit to keep positive and fresh atmosphere at home.

Follow these dos and don’ts to enjoy your motherhood with best feeling and it will soon lead to a happy future for all members of a family. New mothers should always stay positive and motivated towards good things in life.

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