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Vastu for Exteriors

What is Vastu for Exteriors?

If you are designing a new house then vastu must be considered for interiors as well as exteriors equally. The outer look of the house must spread the message of love, prosperity, and happiness so it is essential to take careful steps for selection of all colors, structure shapes, and directions. You have to pay attention to the direction of garden, garage, staircase, bore well, entrance gate and trees as well. Those who are planning to create a servant room are also advised to take careful steps to position and direction of the structure.

Vastu color for Exterior Walls:

Colors of the exterior wall of property must be decided as per its direction and dominating element. The major criterion is to lead an intuitive and immediate effect. Note that this color selection process mainly affects four areas of life; they are clothing, food, world and living conditions. A vastu inspired color can bring harmony, peace, and happiness to the area because it has a direct connection with our emotions. The deep red, purple and plum are considered as most beneficial choices for the house; they bring respect to the family. The yellow color is associated with power, green leads freshness, hope, and tranquility.

Vastu colors for Main Gate:

The best idea is to create main entrance door either in the east or in the north direction. Never ever design your front door in the west or south direction as they bring bad luck inside. You can prefer to install an indoor opening door and it should not make noise during operation. It is good to place the picture of Om, Lord Ganesha, Goddess Lakshmi or Swastika above entrance point of your house. Preferably, the number of doors in the whole house must be 2, 4, 6 or 8. The Same count is valid for a number of windows in a house and vastu recommends creating windows in exactly opposite position as that of doors.

Vastu for Garden:

Choose north or west zone of your plot to create a beautiful garden. The most inauspicious directions for the garden are south-west and south-east. Prefer to plant colorful, fruity tree around your house; the deep root type trees are not good for family living inside. Prefer to make your garden full of small colorful plants that can also purify the air around. Always keep your garden free from clutter and have proper seating arrangement in this area.

Vastu for Building Height:

It is important to maintain same height for all parts of the building but in case if you are not able to do this for the whole plot then prefer to use vastu principles to manage their height. Note that, if your house is in east direction then it must have a lower height that can welcome respect and long life inside. North facing house must have a lower height that brings prosperity inside. Southside houses must have good height because small height of houses can cause many diseases.

Vastu for Staircase:

As per vastu principles, it is good to design staircase from the east direction towards the west or you can also try north to south direction. The count of stairs must be preferably odd as like 5, 1, 3, 23 or 29. Prefer to create the clockwise direction of the staircase.

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