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Vastu For Flats

Important Guidelines and Effective Remedies on Vastu for the Flats

Vastu tips for apartments or flats are quite similar to that of vastu guidelines for individual houses. But as flats have lesser space for families to live so it is little difficult to follow all Vastu tips for placement of accessories and furniture etc. in house. However, you can follow basic vastu for flat tips to insure prosperity and happiness in your house.
Vastu shashtra rules are being followed in Hindu culture from ancient times and it has great impact on human life. As per Vastu shashtra, the word is made up of five elements or pancha maha bhoota. Different planets use to maintain balance over all these elements.

Here are few essential tips defined by Vastu Shashtra for Flats:

1. Vastu for Flat Entrance:

It is always advised to follow North, North-East or East direction for entrance point of flat. Vastu says that South and West directions bring negative energies inside house so they must be avoided. Also, it is good to maintain a large open space around to building to welcome positive energy.

2. Vastu for Master Bedroom in Flats:

The preferable direction for master bedroom is south west corner of house but in case if flat has multiple stories then best location for master bedroom is on top floor.

3. Vastu for Kid’s Room in Flats:

The most appropriate direction for Kid’s room is north-west or north-east. It is always good to design windows on north wall of the room as they allow Sun light to come inside.

4. Vastu for Guest Room in Flats:

Vastu suggests Northwest direction for guest room. This direction is also best suited for unmarried girls in the house.

5. Vastu for Drawing Room in Flats:

The best idea for designing drawing room is to keep it in the East or Northwest direction of house. Prefer to place maximum furniture items in the west and south direction whereas maximum open space must be maintained in east and south directions.

6. Vastu for Kitchen in Flats:

Vastu does not recommend designing kitchen in the north-east direction of house rather it should be in the Southeast corner of your flat. Ensure that cook must have his/her face towards east direction while preparing food. Prefer to install water taps in Northeastern direction of kitchen but make sure that your kitchen is not adjacent to toilets.

7. Vastu for Windows and Balconies in Flats:

As per the deep science behind Vastu, flats or apartments that have windows or balconies in east direction are best suited. It helps to welcome positive energy with morning sunlight. As afternoon rays are not considered good for health so south or west facing windows are not suitable for flats or apartments.

8. Vastu for Toilet and Bathroom in Flats:

The preferred direction for bathrooms is south or west direction where drains should flow towards North-East direction.

9. Vastu for Puja Room in Flats:

The best direction for Puja room is north east direction of house/flat.

10. Vastu for Study Room in Flats:

You can design study room in any direction including East, West, Northwest and Northeast corners but study table must be placed towards Northern or Eastern wall. It is quite auspicious to design study room and pooja room side by side.

11. Vastu for Water Storage Tank in Flats:

It is preferred to install water storage tank on north eastern corner of house so that early morning healthy sunlight can enter inside.

Vastu for Flats

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