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Vastu for Generating Positive Energy

Important Guidelines and Effective Remedies on Vastu for Generating Positive Energy

Vastu Shashtra has strong influence on human life as per Indian Vedic system; it can affect spiritual, psychological and physical development in the environment. Presently, rules of Vastu Shashtra are being followed throughout the world especially in the field of design and architecture. It is believed that one should follow rules of vastu for having a healthy, wealthy, peaceful and happy life. Vastu can also work for initiating fight against diseases, disasters and depression because it helps to spread positive vibes all around.

If you are planning to buy a new plot or already purchased one, we suggest having a quick look at the following description related to Vastu for Generating Positive Energy:
Clean Entrance
Take benefits from Music
Salt has power
Get some idols, symbols and pictures
The effective Lemon Remedy
Add fragrances
Place mirror on wall

Clean Entrance::

The very first thing that you need to do is keep your doorway clean so that only positive energies can find way inside. Prefer to clean it on regular basis to avail best results.

Take benefits from Music:

The best idea is to use wind chimes at entrance point of your house because sound produced by it helps to take away all the negative energies from premises. The music spread by wind chimes helps to break the undesired patterns of negative energies while promoting positivity around.

Salt has power:

Very few of you might be aware of the fact that sea salt use to possess healing properties. It is good to add some salt in a tiny bowl and then place those bowls in every corner of house so that they can absorb all negative energies. One can also prefer to use sea rocks at every corner of house.

Get some idols, symbols and pictures:

It is advised to place few religious symbols at home along with religious kind of pictures and idols. They are capable enough to reflect negativity from surroundings.

The effective Lemon Remedy:

Lemon has several applications in every house but the most popular one among all these is defined in Vastu Shashtra. When lemon is kept in water it helps to keep negative energies out but in order to keep this effect active one needs to change water every Saturday.

Add fragrances:

Never forget to light some lamps in the house along with incense sticks and candles. They must be used every morning because they act like cleansers and remove all the negative energies from house.

Place mirror on wall:

Vastu Shashtra rules advice placing a convex mirror on façade wall of house and it should be facing the exterior portion; this is effective trick to keep negative energies out of your house.

Quick Facts About Generating Positive Energy in House:

• Never ever sleep in a room that has several corners.
• Basement is not right place to live.
• Doors should not create unnecessary noise; repair them on time.
• Do not create a trash at front side of your house.
• Broken glasses should not be present in house.
• It is not good to collect unwanted or unused things at home for longer time.
• Use good quality air fresheners in your drawing room.
• Use crystals in drawing room to add positive energy into relations.

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