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Vastu For Hotels

What is Vastu For Hotels?

If the structure of the hotel is attractive, it can attract a number of visitors towards it. The best way to enhance profits for your hotel business is to improve the comfort level in your premises. But at the same time, one must be careful about vastu rules. There is no doubt to say that vastu plays an essential role in profit and loss of a business. Hotels must be structured by following the rules specified in vastu Shastra and every part of the area must be furnished like that. One needs to be careful about the site, typography, location, soil, geography as well as about directions of the hotel. But in case if you are working on an already constructed property then also it is important to take advises for the best possible remedies to ensure positive results. Prefer to go through the details and tips below to have the best arrangement in your hotel so that more visitors can prefer to visit here. So if you are planning to buy a new plot or already purchased one, we suggest having a quick look at the following description related to Vastu for Hotel:

Vastu Shastra for the Restaurant:

Vastu Shastra has specific rules for creating a healthy environment in the restaurants so that more number of visitors can be attracted to this premises. Prefer to create the sitting arrangement on the first floor of the restaurant. The entrance point of the restaurant must be kept in the North or East direction to welcome more positive energy. The fact is that South and West direction is ruled by infrared energy so it creates a circulation of negative vibes hence, these sides are not good for entrance gate. Similarly, the reception of your restaurant must be in north side whereas the storage rooms can be kept in the South West direction. South East direction is preferably recommended for the kitchen and it must be kept clutter free. Also, the northeast direction of the restaurants must be also kept clean all the time; if possible, you can install a water fountain at this place to attract more positive vibes in the premises. The inverters, generators, geysers and all essential electrical appliances must be kept in Southeast direction. Vastu Principles advise using light shades for the decoration of a restaurant and it is good to avoid more complicated color arrangements. Also, it is good to nourish the area with beautiful shrubs, plants, small trees, and fountains.

Vastu for Restaurant Cash Counter:

There are many terms and conditions that must be followed for placement of cash counter in the restaurant to ensure growth and positive energy in the space. The best idea is to keep the cash box away from the entrance door, ventilator, window or back door. It should not be kept in any corner and the box should not be against any door. The first and last room of the hotel is not good places for keeping the cash box. You must choose South or South West direction for placement of this counter. The face of the box must be preferably towards the northeast, east or north direction. Never ever place your cash counter against the west or south wall. Your cash box should not be visible from the storeroom, bathroom, toilet, kitchen, main gate, staircase or basement.

Vastu for Lodge:

Lodge are some of the best tourist accommodation preferences so they must create pleasure in visitor’s life. The best idea is to follow Vastu guidelines for creating Lodge that can profit you by all means. Prefer to choose a northeast direction for lift, special suites, special rooms, open lawn, garden, cafeteria, water tank that is underground, swimming pool, waiting lobby, open passage, VIP lounge and information desk. The customer service must be kept in South West direction and this direction is equally good for management offices, staircase, maximum storage, overhead tank, and maximum rooms as well. The Northeast direction must be assigned to cleaning service, room service, telephone, toilet blocks, gymnasium, conference hall, entertainment center, laundry, storage, staircase, clubhouse, and banquet. If you are planning to add ATM facility in your premises then it must be created in north direction whereas the major parking slot must be assigned in the northwest direction. Southeast direction is best for storing the centralized AC system but never ever place cooking gas cylinders in this direction. The entrance gate of the lodge must be kept in Southwest or South direction.

Vastu for the Toilet in a Restaurant:

The best idea to design toilets and bathrooms is in West or North West direction. Note that washbasins must be kept in northeast direction but never ever place them in the center of the restaurant; not even to make them accessible to the visitors. Prefer to keep the toilets and bathrooms clean and the area around them must stay clutter free.

Vastu Tips for the Hotel:

Here is a brief summary of few essential tips for hotel design that must be followed by everyone:
• As per principles defines in Vastu, the shape of the hotel must be either square or rectangular. The uneven shapes like triangular, hexagon or oval etc are not good for business.
• The best site for hotel construction is wherever two roads at available, especially in east and north direction.
• Prefer to leave the east and north side empty while building your design.
• It is important to make careful arrangements for proper ventilation in the area and space must stay well illuminated with natural light.
• Kitchen or pantry of the hotel must be in the south-east corner whereas the essential electrical equipment must be placed in the same direction.
• Prefer to build a kitchen on the ground floor of your hotel.
• Southwest direction is best for creating visitors room and the head must be in Eastside or Southside while sleeping.
• Create balconies in eastern or in the northern side.
• It is good to construct toilets and bathrooms in the North-West or in West side of the area.
• Make efforts to create positive energy in the premises to welcome more business.
• Never ever create round top for your restaurant as it is the biggest reason behind losses.

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