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Vastu For Institutions

What is Vastu For Institutions?

Educational institutes make future of a nation so they must be designed very well. This area must stay surrounded by all positive energies so that students can concentrate on their studies and teachers can proceed ahead with better results. But when educational institutes are designed without vastu principles then they often lead to negative energies in the premises and create trouble for the learners and teachers as well. Professionals reveal that if you follow vastu rules for the development of institute building as well as for the adjustment of class directions, it is possible to boost the peace, progress, and success in the premises.
Here are few essential tips that must be followed for development of institutes:

Vastu for Institutions:

• It is advised to choose north-east or east direction for the entrance of the institute.
• Prefer to add more open space in direction of entrance gate whereas all other zones like west, south, and south-west must be utilized for construction.
• The classrooms must be ventilated enough and they must have a natural light arrangement.
• It is important to make classroom entrance door on the east side whereas the blackboard must be kept on the west side.
• In every classroom, it is advised to provide some height to the teacher’s desk. A special platform must be created for the teacher.
• Vastu Shastra principles do not allow any beam in the classroom but if it is there then make sure that no student sits under the beam.
• The best direction for staff-room is northwest and this zone is equally good for constructing toilets.
• The Southeast corner is recommended for the canteen or pantry in the institute.
• Reception, as well as the cashier's room, can be assigned in the north or east direction.
• Prefer to locate meeting rooms in the north direction and preferably they must have a door on the east side of the room.
• South and South-west direction is best for Principle or Chairman of the institute and the face of the cabin must be in the north direction.
• Library of the institute must be preferably in the west zone.
• Eastside is best for the playground.

Vastu for Teachers:

A teacher plays the role of a creator as he is responsible for creating future of a child as well as the nation. It is desired that teacher must have a respectful image in the heart and mind of the student and to achieve this teacher must have few essential qualities. The very first thing is that teacher must be full of knowledge, not in a specific field rather he must be capable enough to give guidelines about life as well. As per vastu, a teacher must have peaceful and calm nature so that students can share their troubles without any fear. In every classroom, it is important to design a special platform for teachers so that they can occupy a different space in front of students and learners can value that. A teacher must be well focused to activities of all students and for this, the classroom area must be full of bright light and every child must be visible from teacher’s platform. The theatre type classrooms are much better for better teaching-learning practices.

Vastu for Tuition Classes:

The tuition classes whether they are taken at home or in a special tuition center must be taken in a bright room. The area must be well surrounded by a peaceful and healthy environment where students can have more concentration on their work. Vastu Shastra advises to use bright and calming colors for the walls of tuition classroom as it helps to create positive energy in the room and students can stay well concentrated towards studies. The best direction for entry door is east whereas the board must be placed in the west zone. The tuition teacher must be careful enough about every student so it is important to follow an open communication and have a regular check on every student.

Vastu Shastra for school building:

As per vastu Shastra, it is important to follow appropriate vastu rules for the development of school building. These premises are desired to be full of all positive energies that is why it is good to have a green playground area and many plants around. Prefer to add few trees in the premises but they must be added to the right direction as per vastu tips. When the building is constructed in wrong way, it causes a loss in concentration and energy of students so it is good to be careful in your arrangements.

Vastu Shastra for Coaching Center:

The vastu tips for coaching center are same as that of detailed tips that are described above for institute. It is important to follow all guidelines properly to achieve best results, name, and fame with your teaching-learning practices. When students are forced to study in an environment that is loaded with lots of negative energies then it works like an obstruction against his learning power and can lead bad impact. Hence, all rules of vastu must be implemented carefully; however, if you are not able to follow certain specific guidelines due to strong reasons the vastu also recommends remedies for that, you can apply those remedies to avoid bad impact.

Vastu for Computer Institute:

The computer institute must have entrance point in east or north zone as both these directions welcome positive energies inside. Prefer to keep your computer labs clean and well illuminated. In case if it is difficult to add natural light to the premises then use the artificial ones very carefully and ensure proper visibility inside. The direction of the server, placement of computers and direction of student chairs, everything must be followed as per vastu tips. You can add bright colors to the walls of your labs while ensuring proper ventilation in the space. The generator, inverter, and UPS etc must also be kept in the direction as suggested by vastu. Once you follow right vastu principles, soon you will be able to secure bright future of students as well as your institute.

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