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Vastu for Interiors

What is Vastu for Interiors?

It is important to consult professionals to complete interior design of house because their experience can add more value to your property. But it is not just concerned about interior décor for luxury rather it must be inspired from Vastu Shastra. Everything in your house must be at right place including windows, walls, finishes, doors, light, textures and furniture as well. Vastu principles can help you to bring harmony, peace, and happiness to space and it must be inspired by five element theory.
Here are few essential tips that must be followed for Interiors designing:

Vastu design house plan:

It is desired to choose a square or rectangular shape for the building creation. The best direction for the face of the house is towards east and north and it becomes more auspicious if you have roads in these directions; prefer to add two gates for both directions to make it more auspicious. While creating a building, give north, north-east and east direction to the balconies but never ever consider south or west for this purpose. The Northeast direction is good for parking space.

Vastu tips for furniture:

It is good to place the sofa in south or west zone of the house and while sitting on it, a person must preferably face east or north direction. If you have an almirah that is used to store valuables like jewelry etc then it must be kept in the room that is in southwest zone. Prefer to place it in such a way that it opens towards the north. The dining table can be preferably adjusted in North West zone of dining room, living room or kitchen. North-east, east and north are right directions for the aquarium at home.

Vastu decoration for bedroom:

As per vastu principles, master bedroom in the house must be located in southern part preferably whereas rest of the bedrooms can be designed in the north or east side of the master bedroom. if you have kids at home then they must have their bedroom in west direction; however, east side bedroom is also good for kids but it is not recommended for a newlywed couple. The teenager girls are advised to have their bedroom in a north-west direction. Never ever design any bedroom in the central position of the house as it brings mental stress and tensions to home.

Vastu tips for height of room:

The preferred height of the room is 12 to 14 feet and size of the main door must be bigger than other doors in the house. Windows must be placed at a height of at least 3 to 6 feet from ground and equal space must be left from top side as well.

Vastu decorative items:

In order to welcome positive energy to the home, you should bring some essential decoration pieces inside. The most important thing for every house is indoor plants that can purify air inside. Secondly, you should focus on some paintings. Preferably get paintings inspired by soft colors, calm landscapes, flowers, waterfall, and sunrise etc. It is also good to have a fountain inside the home as water energy is really good to make family relations more harmonious.

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