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Vastu for Main Gate

What is Vastu for Main Gate?

Vastu Shashtra give major importance to the entrance door of house because it controls what kind of energies will enter inside the house. One can easily maintain flow of positive energies inside while taking away the negatives with ease. If you believe in vastu then you must know the right ways to install entrance door in your house as it has major concern about direction, height and décor. The article below contains details about things that are proven to maintain great results with entrance door installation.

Effects of Directions: Vastu for Entrance Door:

Main Gate in East:

When you have to install entrance door to the East wall of house then it must be kept in the North East corner for better results.

Main Gate in West:

It is believed that North West corner of the West facing wall is good choice for entrance door installation as per Vastu Shashtra.

Main Gate in North:

Most of people in this world believe that north facing houses are capable enough to bring good luck inside. Same is the case with the entrance door. Vastu says that the main door of house must be placed to North East direction on the North wall. The major reason behind this choice is to allow more fresh light and morning sun blessings inside. The best idea is to install main door to the central position of wall and it is really good to install a window towards North East corner.

Main Gate in South:

Those who want to include entrance door to the South wall of their house are advised to install it to the South East portion. Vastu Shashtra advises to avoid door placement to the South West corner of the wall. Note that, houses that have main door in South direction must have at least one door in North side too.

If it is not possible to place your entrance door in these places, then you can make entrance door at any portion mentioned in below image.

Things to Do- Tips for Entrance Door as per Vastu:

=> The main door of house should always be the largest one among all.
=> It is essential to use wooden material of very good quality for entrance door.
=> Ensure that the entrance door of house do not make unwanted noises while opening and closing.
=> Prefer to use bright lights to enhance ambience of entrance door.
=> Never forget to add an attractive name plate to the entrance terminal because as per vastu, it welcomes happiness, wealth and prosperity.
=> It is good to add a threshold to the entrance door because it helps to avoid wealth losses.
=> Avoid using dull colours for painting main door of the house; it should be color rich and attractive.
=> Always prefer to add odd number of steps at entrance door and it should always be above the ground level.
=> If you can, then prefer to use two main doors at home where one should be used specifically for entry and other for exit.
=> The exit door should be smaller as compared to the entrance door.
=> Do not use cracked or aged doors at entrance point. Always use new doors because it will help to avoid loss of respect and take away the tough times.

Vastu for Main Gate

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