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Vastu for Personality Development

What is Vastu for Personality Development?

Vastu Shashtra is believed to have strong influence over several phases of human life. If we go deep in the study of astrology then it will bring out several interesting factors related to Vastu Shashtra and its impact on our routine life. Here, in this article we are going to have a look on vastu shashtra’s influence over personality development. There is no doubt to say that personality is one of the major aspects of human life so if you can obtain few techniques to improve it by following some rules described by Vastu then it can definitely lead to great results.

Some of you may wonder that how directions can effect personality development but studies reveal that both of them are well connected. Specific directions lead to unique impact on overall development of human beings; it can add positivity in personality.

As per astrology, North-east is the common direction for natural moving characteristics and that is why it is assigned to water. Following this direction can help people to add special features to their personality. In the similar manner, all directions are believed to have different value for human life. Below are few essential details about vastu rules related to personality development:

=> The best direction for children’s study room is North-East as it helps to improve overall skills in progressive manner. In order to ensure overall success and boost knowledge of your kid prefer to manage his study table in North-east or East facing direction. The major reason behind this recommendation is that this place is considered as holy that has power to boost knowledge, determination and mental strength.

=> North-East direction is related to water element which is symbol of Growth and Progress in Vastu Shastra to please make sure that this direction is properly balanced. Since North-East direction belongs to God in Vastu Shastra, it gives peace of mind which is very necessary for Personality development.

=> The ideal place for Kitchen is in south east direction because it is dedicated to fire element. Fire means energy which give rise to motion so this direction accelerate the speed of success and progress in our life. When gas stove is placed in South-East direction then it can enhance opportunities for progress and success for all house residents. Fire element has ability to boost inmate development with positive outcomes. But please always avoid sleeping in South-East direction because this space is given to fire element hence it leads to stubbornness and aggression. By making proper balance in South-East direction, this direction will give completeness to success and progress.

=> As per Vastu for Personality Development, South West direction is monitored by Earth Element that ensures firmness and stability. Stability increases the confidence in decision-making and by this one can improve his personality. Prefer to reside in this direction to welcome firmness and confidence in your personality.

=> North-West direction is monitored by Air element and this direction is effective enough to boost leadership quality, boosts ability to analyse and enhances expressive way of communication. Simply means North-West improves co-ordinations, leadership quality, expressive communication and ability to analyse which is main trait of personality development. So please make proper balance in this direction.

=> The centre part of our house is called “Brahama Sthan” in Vastu Shastra, means a place where creator of this world Lord Brahma resides. It must be open space. This place in house represent Sky element in Vastu Shastra. According to Vastu Shatra, Sky element enhances maturity & ability of in-depth studies & analysis of a person which is very necessary for personality development.

In simple words, North-East direction is considered to deliver ultimate success in life whereas South-East direction accelerates progress. On the other side, South West direction improves leadership and confidence while boosting the ability to combat. If we talk about North West direction then it has major concern to improve co-ordination, harmony, and communication skills. The sky element of this direction leads to impressive results for boosting maturity levels while improving the power for in depth studies as well as ensures abilities to do deep analysis. Follow these Vastu Rules for your life and soon you will be able to ensure ultimate progress with impressive personality development.

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