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Vastu For Restaurants

What is Vastu For Restaurants?

Vastu Shastra has defined few principles for constructions of buildings and they must be followed strictly by human beings. The vastu guidelines are easy to understand and they can be implemented with ease but most of the people are unaware of these principles. That is why they keep on designing buildings without proper vastu rules and face troubles at a later stage. When a building is designed without vastu it becomes home to negative energies and can create troubles in the life of the owner, working staff as well as other family members. Here we are talking about a restaurant that is one of the most popular commercial units of the current era. Most of the people these days are investing in this business and they wish to achieve great profits. But the sad fact is that most of the people fail to achieve their dreams in this business as they do not care about vastu tips during construction of restaurant building. A bad design cannot attract customers and owners often face huge loss with such kind of investments. Hence, it is essential to follow vastu rules for construction of restaurants. Follow the guidelines that are discussed below to ensure great success in your business.

Vastu for Restaurant Cash Counter:

Every business owner wants to enjoy the healthy flow of wealth and growth in business but when they forget to care about vastu tips, it becomes quite difficult to achieve desired growth in business. Very few of you might be aware of the fact that placement of cash counter plays an essential role in the flow of money in the premises. When cash counter is placed at a wrong position, it creates negative energy in the environment and the wealth start facing obstacles. As per vastu principles, the best zone for placement of cash counter in the restaurant as well as in shops in North and East. Both these directions can ensure you positive results but the south and west can lead dreadful results. Also, the cash counter should not be visible from the entrance door, toilet door and staircase. Prefer to define the accurate position to place your cash counter and make efforts to protect it well.

Vastu For Toilet in Restaurant:

There are three essential parts of a restaurant building; they are the kitchen, toilet, and the cash counter. The vastu tips for cash counter are discussed above but it is also essential to follow the right rules for toilet and kitchen as well. As per vastu principles, the best position for toilets is North West zone and West zone of the premises. Prefer to paint them in bright colors and ensure proper ventilation. It is important to add a window to the toilet and in case if you cannot do proper ventilation to this area then prefer to add few air purifying plants. They can help you to keep the area healthy and these plants can also take away all the negative energies. On the other side, if we talk about kitchen, then the best direction of this part of the building south zone and preferably it must be on the ground floor. Always keep the kitchen clean and free from clutter as it plays an essential role in vastu.

Vastu for South Facing Hotel:

Southside is not considered good for the entrance door of a restaurant. When the entry terminal is located in the south zone then it brings bad energies to space and can cause a loss in the business. The best directions for the face of the restaurant are North and East; Vastu Principles says that it is good to have a road on both north and east side of a restaurant whereas the south side is suitable for the storeroom. You can prefer to design kitchen in the South East corner of the restaurant whereas South West corner is best for the visitor’s room.

Vastu for a Coffee Shop:

If you want to incorporate a coffee shop into your restaurant then the best direction for it is southeast and east. Both these zones are considered auspicious for the growth of business but never ever go for the north direction as it can create a negative impact on your coffee business in the restaurant. You can prefer to add healthy green plants in the surrounding area to create a positive environment and at the same time, vastu tips advise to keep this space clean and well organized.

Vastu for the Bar:

The bar rooms in the restaurant are desired to have a dim light arrangement and it must be clutter free. The preferred color for bar area is blue with a mixture of black. There is no need to add heavy or bright lights in the pub or bar area.

Here are few quick tips about vastu for restaurants:

• The preferable area for the sitting arrangement in the restaurant is the first floor.
• The reception must be created in the North zone.
• Prefer to create the main entrance at North of East direction as both these are considered auspicious for growth in business.
• Southwest corner is recommended in Vastu for storage room where you can put grains and raw materials.
• Pay more attention to the cleaning of east and north zone of the restaurant and also prefer to add a source of water as like a fountain in any of these directions.
• The restaurant walls must be painted with light shades. Vastu does not recommend using complicated or dark color combinations.
• The best shape for an auspicious building is square and rectangular. Never ever go for an irregular shape.
• It is not good to create pillars, beams, and arches in the premises as they bring losses to the business.
• The electrical equipment like inverters, generators, and geysers must be placed in South-East side only.
• Best direction for the kitchen in the restaurant is south-east; do not follow any other direction.
All these guidelines can help you to create an awesome atmosphere at your business place and it can naturally welcome more customers with the positive energy inside.

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