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Vastu for Store Room

Important Tips on Vastu for Store Room

In most of the houses, store rooms are well known areas for collection of useless items. But, in actual, this specific space in every house can provide lots of space for usability and adjustments. When you add more quality of junk items into store room then it naturally start becoming a mess and you cannot find the useful things inside. At the same time if you believe in astrology then you have to give more attention to this essential portion of your house.

Vastu Shashtra can provide you best guidelines for how to utilize the store room in most effective way so that it can bring good luck to your house. Keep reading the article below to get some of the best ideas for adjusting location of store room in your new house as well as for ways to store materials inside.

Most suitable location for Store Room in house:

As per the theories proven in Vastu Shashtra, North West corner of the house is most suitable for creating store room. This particular direction is preferred because it helps to prevent gathering of unwanted materials inside and leads to a useful provision of storage. One must keep the entrance door of store room towards south west direction and preferably it is desired to have two shutters. For storing grains South-West is the best direction and keep the entrance door of store room towards Northeast-north or Northeast-east directions. Containers or racks should be placed in West, South or Southwest directions. Always keep Eastern and Northern side vacant in the store room. All things which are related to Fire or which flammable like oil, ghee, refined and gas cylinder etc should be stored in South-east corner of storage. You need to pay more attention to the height of this storage space. Note that, it is not a good idea to keep height of store room equal to height of other rooms rather, it should be elevated by certain height as compared to other rooms. The best idea is to design it with a height that your children cannot catch so easily. Prefer to paint walls of the store room with some light color, logically, it will also help to repel insects in the area and things can be saved from damage. The most preferable wall colours for store room are sky blue, white and yellow.

How to store Materials inside Store Room:

Commonly, most of the house owners prefer to keep metal equipments, cloths and some food collections in their store rooms. But very few of you might be aware that all these things must be stored in a particular direction to have positive impact on residents. It is good to follow a specific order for storage and make it a routine practice to place things like that. Even grains are required to be stored in unique directions as per their routine usage. Note that, the food collection that is required in daily basis must be kept in North West direction but the long term usable grains must be kept in South West direction. Similarly, you should prefer to place gas cylinders, oils, fashion essentials, and other kitchen accessories in the South East corner. It is good to avoid storage of empty boxes and vessels as it use to add negative energy into surroundings. Always ensure that no one should be allowed to sleep inside store room because it is really dangerous as per Vastu Shashtra.

Vastu for Store Room

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