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Vastu for Student

Important Tips on Vastu for Student

One of the major concerns for every house is students; parents often stay worried about how to improve concentration of kids so that they can perform better in their exams. You will be glad to know that the rules and directions suggested by Vastu can impressively improve learning ability of your kids and it can boost results to top rank. There are so many cases where students work hard all the time but their results are not satisfactory. It happens often when they keep on neglecting vastu. But don’t worry! The article below summarized vastu for students; go through the details below and start following these guidelines in your routine life. Soon you will find incredible improvement in results.

Tips for Students:

1. The study room must be designed either in East, North-East or North direction of house. This direction helps to improve ability to collect knowledge by absorbing all positive powers from nature so that you never feel tired while studying. East and North directions, both are associated with energy so you can take best advantage of them.

2. Ensure that entrance door of your study room opens towards North or East direction. Windows should be placed on the East, North or West walls of the study room.

3. It is not advised to design study room below stairs, beam or a toilet.

4. Never place any reflective mirror in the study room because these reflections cause bourdon of studies on kid’s mind.

5. While studying, students are advised to sit facing North direction as it boosts steadiness in nature.

6. While studying, study table must not be placed below the beam. It will create pressure on the student.

7. It is essential to maintain source for natural light or direct sunlight in the study room but shadow of student should not fall on his books.

8. In order to maintain concentration level to the peak it is advised to avoid obstacles in room like open shelves, furniture, sharp pointed edges, and pillars etc. Never placed television or other noisy instrument in the study room which have a tendency to interrupts concentration of the children. While studying, you can play soft music for better concentration.

9. The study table should be of a regular shape such as rectangle and square shaped because rest all shapes cause confusion and decay concentration levels. Note that corners of this table should not be sharp edged.

10. Keep the direction of study table in North side or East side. It is also important that the study table must not be placed in front of the door.

11. You can keep an Aquarium in your Study room. It will release stress.

12. It is good to maintain clean and neat study table; do not overload or clutter it with so many books. Better to use Book Selves for keeping books. Bookshelves should be placed in the North or North-east directions of the study room. Do not place the book-shelves on the Eastern wall.

13. Study table should not be placed against the wall. There should be slight gap between the study table and the wall. Please also insure that study table must not facing a blank wall. You can hang some posters of deities or any natural scenery.

14. A Saraswati (Goddess of Knowledge) Yantra can leave great impact on students; preferably keep it near bedside or study table of your kid. It helps to increase the positive energy in their mind.

15. There should not be any bookshelves above or beside study table. An open space in the surroundings helps kids to generate new approaches and ideas.

16. As per Vastu for Students, it is advised to use study lamp while studying as it helps to boost concentration. Study lamp should be kept in the South-East corner of the table.

17. All the trophies and certifications bagged by your child must be displayed in a wall that is on south side.

18. Prefer to use Satwik or light colours on walls of study room; choose any one among orange, green, yellow and white. They are powerful enough to boost concentration and memory level.

19. These days, computer is an essential part of our curriculum. It is also our main source of information. Computer is an electronic item and hence represent ‘Fire’ element, so it must be placed in South-East corner of the study room. If you are using Laptop, charging point must be in South-East corner of the Study Room.

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