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Vastu for Study Table

Important Guidelines and Effective Remedies on Vastu for Study Table

Study table is an essential part of every home, especially if you have kids at home. In case if you are receiving more complaints from school teachers and performance of kid in the study is decaying day by day then it may be due to improper placement of his study table. As per vastu Shastra experts, it is important to choose the direction of study room as well as study table very carefully because it has a direct impact on educational growth and career of your child. While designing study room and study table for your home, prefer to follow vastu principles so that your child can stay focused and well concentrated towards his studies. Note that, no one can study without concentration and this factor can be well controlled by vastu tips.

The best direction to study for students:

The best direction for the study is north and east but the study table must be placed very carefully in the room. It is not good to have a dead element right in front of kid’s study table. Once you have selected right direction of your study room then next task is to make efforts to keep this area full of positive energy. Make a routine of cleaning your study room; clutter in this area can cause decay in focus and concentration. As guided by vastu experts, the east direction is most auspicious for study room of a child. Never ever choose a northwest direction for study room otherwise he will feel more restlessness and his focus towards study will decay with time. The study table in study room can be placed in west, south or north-west direction. However, south and west directions are always the best choices. It is not good to have a beam in the room and in case if it cannot be avoided then make sure that your child does not sit blow it.

Study table facing west:

The direction of study table matters a lot for learners or students. You will be surprised to know that few directions are good for specific subjects while others for a different set of subjects. For example, if your child is not performing well in science and mathematics, it is good to sit in such a manner that leaner faces west direction.

Study table facing North West:

Northwest direction for study room is really bad and it may cause harm to focus and concentration power of your kid. Vastu principles say that books that are usually placed in North West direction get stolen more often. Also, students should not face a blank wall while studying. Never use tables made up of glass, prefer wooden materials for better results.

Study room vastu color:

The best colors for study room are white, cream, blue, light green, and green. All these neutral shades can assist your child to study well without losing focus.

Study room vastu pictures:

Never ever place distracting pictures in the study room or on the study table. Get some inspiring quotes and positive elements to this space.

Vastu for Study Table

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