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Vastu for Windows

Important Tips on Vastu for Windows

Windows and doors are some of the most important furnishing articles for every building and they add more pleasure for living inside. Windows are not only created for allowing entry of air inside the house but as per Vastu, they also welcome the positive energies inside. Window placement in right direction is capable enough to increase affluence, prosperity in the lives of people that are living inside. But, in case if you place windows on wrong directions then they can bring negativity into house.

Studies reveal that these days’ people are more concerned about design of the windows and doors but most of the times they ignore the placement strategies of these doors and windows. The article below contains details about Vastu inspired guidelines and tips for installing windows in house; prefer to go through these details if you are constructing a new house.

Tips for Installation of Windows and Doors as per Vastu Shashtra:

 It is preferred to install most of the windows and doors towards North and East side of the house instead of placing them towards West or South direction. Such buildings naturally become auspicious and full of positive energy.

 Avoid doors and windows in odd numbers means doors and windows should be in multiply of 2 i.e. 2, 4, 6, 8… but please avoid no. of doors or windows in multiply by 10 i.e. 10, 20, 30 and so on.

 According to Vastu Shastra, size of windows should be Bigger in North, East and North-East direction. Size of windows should be medium in North-West and South-East directions. Size of windows should be small in West and South direction. In Vastu Shastra, windows are forbidden towards South-West direction of the house.

 Always prefer to design main door of your house little bigger as compared to the rest of the doors and add more efforts to make it attractive enough.

 Preferably, all rooms must have doors of same size. But in case if your requirement is to install few big doors in between then prefer to place them to West or South side of the house.

 A house should always have even count of windows and doors.

 While adding doorframe to the internal wall of the house, ensure that they are not added to the main wall. It is good to add at least 4” pad before installing doorframe to lateral wall.

 Always prefer to add more care to cross ventilation arrangement while installing doors and windows. The best way to do this is simply installing windows and doors in opposite direction to each other. It will help you to maintain proper flow of air inside while having better natural light.

 Also, doors should not be added to the centre of wall rather they must be off-centered.

 If you are constructing an east facing house then it is good to maintain entrance of main door towards east direction. It will bring positive energy inside.

 For a west facing house, one should place the entrance or main door towards west direction.

 The north facing house is desired to have entrance door in North direction but the rule changes for South facing house as it should have entrance door in North side.

 In case if you are constructing two houses that will be sharing same floor then it is important to notice that their entrance doors does not open towards each other.

 It is good to use similar type of wood for all doors and windows in a house and the most preferable one is teak wood.

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