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In Feng Shui, direction for any room depends upon person specific Kua Number. But in general, Feng Shui describes the directions for specific purposes. According to Feng Shui, Northwest direction is ideal for Patriarch of the family & Master Bedroom. Southwest direction is ideal for Matriarch of the family & Family Room. East direction is best for Eldest son. West direction is best for Youngest daughter and South direction is ideal for Middle daughter. North direction is best for Middle son. Southeast direction is best for Eldest daughter and at last Northeast direction is ideal for Youngest son. The ideal location of bedroom is far from main doors. Avoid bedrooms with sloping roofs. If it is necessary, you can use a canopy bed to weaken the negative effect of sloping roofs.
The shape of bedroom should be rectangular or square. If it is not possible, you should have to use a good fortune symbol screen as a divider which will transform the bedroom into a regular shape.
In a bedroom, always position your bed in such a way that your face should be towards your best direction according to your Kua number.
According to Feng Shui, it is very important that we should be able to see the bedroom door when lying in bed. We should also avoid having the bed directly facing the door or window or being in line with any doors in the bedroom. The ideal placement for your bed is diagonally across from the door but bed should not be diagonal to the wall.
Never place the bed in a bedroom on a door wall.
While sleeping, your feet should never point towards the doors.
Always avoid sleeping directly between a door and a window. It is also important that the bed should not be placed between two doors.
Always avoid to sleep under a beam because it can cause illness.
In bedroom, never place bed on a wall shared by a bathroom.
Do not place any mirror that reflect the bed. In case of almirah that has mirrors, always cover the mirrors while sleeping.
Never place a TV in your bedroom because it reflects like a mirror.
Bedroom color should be skin color (vary from pale white to deep chocolate tones). Best suited are soft colors like cream, peach, and pale pink.
Never place potted living plants and an aquarium in the bedroom.
The bedroom should not be located above a garage, store room or kitchen and below a toilet.
If there is an attached bathroom with bedroom, make sure that it should not directly face to bed and the door is closed at all times.
Never put any skulls, death images, violent scenes, knives, water features or paintings of water scene etc in a bedroom.
Never keep anything under the bed.
In a bedroom, always keep garbage cans hidden.