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In Feng Shui, direction for any room depends upon person specific Kua Number. If your Kua Number is 1, 3, 4 & 9, you can place your kitchen in North, Southeast, North, South, East or Southeast direction of the house. In the case of having 2, 5, 6, 7 or 8 Kua number, place your kitchen in Southwest, West, Northeast or Northwest direction of your house. In general South-east is the best direction for the kitchen while north-west is the second best choice according to Feng shui. But it is very important that kitchen shouldn't be placed in front of main entrance door.
-:- Never place kitchen in the center of home or in front of bedroom.
-:- Kitchen should never be placed below an upstairs bathroom. It is also important that it should not be in front of a toilet.
-:- Shape of kitchen should be a rectangle or square. It should not be a round or any other odd shaped kitchen.
-:- The gas stove should not be placed in the northern part of the kitchen because in Feng Shui, north direction is associated with water element whereas gas stove represent fire element. It will nullify the positive fire energy.
-:- Never place the water sink beside the gas stove. This water element will nullify the positive fire energy. This rule is also applicable in the case of a refrigerator because in Feng Shui, the refrigerator represent the water element.
-:- Never place the gas stove in the Northwest direction of kitchen because this direction is known as "Heaven's Gate" in Feng Shui and gas stove will burn all the positive energy of this direction.
-:- The gas stove should face towards the east or the south-east wall of the kitchen.
-:- Gas stove should not be placed in front of the entrance of the kitchen.
-:- Kitchen and the dining room should be in the same floor of the house.
-:- The wash basin (sink), water tab, water filter and water storage tank should be placed in the north-east corner of the kitchen for good health.
-:- All the drains in the kitchen should be covered properly because in Feng Shui, it is bad to watch the water leave the kitchen.
-:- The suitable color of the floor and the walls of the kitchen are light shade of any color. But never use red color in kitchen because red symbolizes fire.
-:- Drainage pipe should be in the North or East direction of the kitchen because it brings healthy atmosphere to the house.
-:- Hang a wind chime or bell near the door or above the cook’s area. It brings positive energy and alertness.
-:- There should be a free space in the center of the kitchen. Never put any heavy article or gas stove in the center of kitchen.
-:- Always keep kitchen neat and clean.