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The Laughing Buddha also known as Buddha of Happiness or Matreiya in Buddhism, is one of the most popular symbols used in Feng Shui for enhancing the good luck and wealth and keeping this at home is said to bring prosperity, happiness and success. The Laughing Buddha protects your health and brings you longevity. It is believed in Feng Shui that Laughing Buddha brings almost all areas of positive energy such as wealth, success, good health, abundance, career and children and removes any type of negativity from the home.

=> According to Feng Shui, the most auspicious location for placing the Laughing Buddha is facing the main entrance door of the home and it has to be placed at a height of some 3 feet approximate. The reason behind placing Laughing Buddha facing main door is Laughing Buddha greets the energies that enter from the main gate and activates them manifold, and turns highly prosperous.

=> You can also place the Laughing Buddha in a corner table which should be diagonally opposite to the front door.

=> The statue of Laughing Buddha should never be placed on ground. It must always be on some platform or desk.

=> In Feng Shui, it is not permissible to keep the Laughing Buddha in a bedroom or in the dining room.

=> In Living Room, place Laughing Buddha in such a way that its facing should be toward main entrance door of Living Room. By this, guest feels a sense of happiness.

=> Students must place the statue of Laughing Buddha on their desks because it is considered very auspicious in studies. This is a perfect location to evoke Buddha auspicious energy to fulfill academic goals.

=> For businessman, placing the laughing Buddha on a reception's desk can help bring good fortune as well prosperity to business. The laughing Buddha statue that has gold ingots or the one in which the statute is sitting down on a batch of gold coins, is considered more auspicious for attracting wealth.

=> A statue of Laughing Buddha with treasures is used for wealth. By placing this statue in wealth area i.e. South-East corner of your house, wealth and prosperity will come to your house.

=> A statue of Laughing Buddha with a Wu Lou is used for vibrant health. By placing this statue in bagua area i.e. East corner of your house, healthy atmosphere will come to your house.

=> A statue of Laughing Buddha with adorable children climbing all over him is used for child health and well-being. By placing this statue in West corner of your house, child birth will take place in your house soon. It is also beneficial for child’s career, lifting the mood and reducing stress.