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About Symbol 'Om'

What does the Om symbol mean?

You might have chanted the sacred OM thousand times in your life. Well, this symbol is present everywhere. Still, at certain moment of life you might have wondered what this symbol actually denotes and why Yogi’s keep on chanting it every time in their life.
Vedas declare OM sound as Brahma. It is believed that once a soul attains perfection then it starts hearing sound naturally from this eternal word and it keeps on rising. It is just like roar of an ocean; as by following that roar you can reach near ocean in the similar manner by following OM you can slowly attain Brahma. Vedas describe Brahma as ultimate goal of life.
Here we are going to discuss 5 essential facts about OM that can help you to broaden your knowledge about this sacred syllable.

The Sound “OM” encloses all sounds of human language:

It is well proven that “OM” acts like matrix of all present sounds. In its deep diversified form this sacred OM naturally gives boost to all words of language. If we go deeper in linguistic sense then all audible sounds are observed to be produced from mouth beginning, initiated by tongue root and ending at lips. Note that, A is a throat sound, M is produced from lips and the sound U occurs with tongue root and continues up to ends of lips.

The Fact related to OM and AUM:

If we pick the appearance of OM sound from Sanskrit language then here O is generally spelled as AU. Here O to AU conversion is generally called as diphthong that represents mixture of two vowels; each one of these is heard accurately and both make gliding sound. In simple words, the common difference between AUM and OM is transliteration.

AUM- The 3 Fold Division for Time:

The combination of AUM presents:
A – The Waking State.
U – The Dream State.
M – The Deep Sleep State.
AUM is generally followed by a pause or simply called as silence that represents infinite consciousness.

What does the Om symbol mean?

Om The visual symbol of OM is designed with one dot, one semicircle and three curves. Where:
The large curve at bottom portion represents waking state, depicted by ‘A’ in Sanskrit language.
The middle curve defines the dream state, signified by ‘U’.
The upper curve in this symbol denotes deep sleep state, symbolized by ‘M’.
The dot in this case reflects fourth state of infinite consciousness.
Note that, the semi circle below dot and above all other symbols plays the role of Maya and it separated rest three states from the state of infinite consciousness. This is a signal to humanity that Maya is the biggest obstacle against highest state of self realization.

Relation of OM with Lord Ganesha:

OM is well known as physical form of Lord Ganesha where the upper curve depicts head/face of Ganesha, lower curve represents belly and the twisted curve present at right portion of OM is considered as trunk of Lord Ganesha.

OM Chanting Benefits

● Chanting of Om helps you to reduce Stress level.
● Chanting of Om increases your concentration power.
● Chanting of Om increases your immunity power.
● Chanting of Om gives strength to your vocal cords and improve your voice quality.
● Chanting of Om gives better control over your emotions and give better decision power.
● Chanting of Om purifies the environment around you and generate positive energy.
● Chanting of Om helps you in getting rid of toxins from your body.
● Chanting of Om strengthens the spinal cord.
● Chanting of Om gives cardiovascular benefits and regulate heart functioning.
● Chanting of Om helps you In getting rid of Negativity and creates positive attitude.