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Vastu Tips For Shop/Show Room

What is Vastu For Shop/Show Room?

There is no doubt to say that a shop is identified by its name but the fame it gains in the market is always controlled by the deep vastu analysis involved in the structure development. As per Vastu experts, a shop must be designed only after getting complete guidelines about right direction, orientation and keeping methods. It will have a direct impact on your sales and brand awareness. If you want to welcome economic growth and overall peace to your work environment then it is good to follow vastu tips.
If you are planning to buy a new plot or already purchased one, we suggest having a quick look at the following description :
Vastu for Shop Facing East
Vastu for Shop Facing North
Vastu for shop facing south
Vastu for Shop Facing West
Vastu tips for shop cash counter

Vastu for Shop Facing East:

If you have an east or Purva facing shop then you have to follow specific vastu tips for east direction. The best place for the owner to sit in an east facing shop in South West corner, as well as South East corner. If the owner needs to sit in the direction of entrance of door then the southwest corner is the best choice. Note that one should not choose a northwest corner for owner’s seat. In case if your shop has some kind of partition in east direction then it is good to sit in support to that partition. The cash box in the shop must be kept on the left side and it must face north direction or on the right-hand side when owner faces east direction. Vastu Shastra advises to create sitting arrangement in the South-West corner but it should not be in the North West corner. If you want to improve your business and be ahead in the competition then it is good to make a height in the west direction. As per Vastu Shastra, West elevation helps to bring peace, standards, profits, assets, and ideas for the overall growth of the business.

Vastu for Shop Facing North:

Here is an interesting thing to know; north direction is considered as a direction of money or Lord Kubera. That is why north facing shops generally get more sales and profits. But it doesn’t mean that other directions cannot bring growth to the business. The fact is that one must follow vastu Shastra rules accurately so that every direction can lead your business with its best profits. If we go through the Vastu Shastra guidelines then the owner must make arrangement for his sitting at Northwest corner while keeping the heavy stocks in the South direction of the shop. The sticky stocks must be first kept to the Southside and they must be followed by the movable stocks in the same direction. It is not good to sit in the Northeast corner but Southwest corner is more important for shop owners. But in case if due to any reason the southwest corner is not available then the second choice is Northwest corner and then comes Southeast corner.

Vastu for shop facing south:

Most of the people believe that shops that face North or east direction provide great profits to the owner but in actual South and West direction can also provide benefits if Vastu Shashtra is followed accurately. Those who have shop facing South direction then it is advised to make a simple slope on north side of the shop and it must include the Northeast corner as well. It will help you to get positive vibrations for the success of the business and will naturally improve the flow of money. Preferably it is good to keep the east side of the shop empty when you have a south facing shop but as this thing is not always possible practically so it is good to place the lightweight stocks in this direction. The heavy stocks can be kept on the West side of the shop. The cash counter must be kept close to the south wall and prefer to place it in such a way that it opens in North direction. Another possible option for placing cash counter is West direction but in this case, the counter must open towards east direction.

Vastu for Shop Facing West:

If you have west facing shop, there is no need to worry about any bad luck. Simply follow the rules of vastu Shastra and you will gain the ability to beat your competitors in business. Following vastu principles can help you to achieve your desired goal of success and profits. In order to attract more benefits, the owner must sit in the Southwest portion of the shop but in case if it is not possible to occupy the Southwest direction for owner’s area then the best decision is to place heavy stocks in this direction. Also, prefer to create a slop from West side to east side or it must be from South to North as it will help to create positive vibes in the premises. When Owner has his seat in the Southwest corner then his chair must be facing North direction and the second option is the East direction. When the owner is facing North direction then the cash box must be kept on the right-hand side that is towards the north or east side. The best idea for the opening of the West facing shop is to keep the entrance door at West of the Northwest corner.

Vastu tips for shop cash counter:

Although all the cash box placement principles are already defined above for each direction individually, in short, this counter must be placed in such a manner that it faces either North direction or East direction. Also, the best side of the owner is the North and East so he/she must also keep face towards these two positive directions to accomplish routine activities.
Other than this, the best shape of the shop is square and rectangular. Note that, irregular shapes of shops or showrooms often lead to a loss. The water source must be kept in the north-east corner of the shop whereas heavy items must be placed in a south-west direction. Never ever clutter your shop, especially the North-East corner as it is a sacred place in your premises. Every morning, when you open your shop, prefer to light up a lamp to God.

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