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Vastu Tips For The Bath Room and Toilets

What is Vastu For The Bath Room?

Vastu is an ancient Indian science of proper location and positioning of articles in the house to attract positive energy. Since Bath Room and Toilets are the major source of negative energy in the home, we should take extra care for proper placement of Bathroom and toile in our houses. Bath Room and Toilet constructed in anywhere in the house leads to bring negative energy and severe health problems. It may cause financial loss also. So, we must follow Vastu Shastra rule to construct Bath Room and Toilet in our houses.

Vastu Tips For Toilet

The toilet should be in the North-West or West direction of the house. If toilet is attached with bathroom, it must also be in this direction only. Commode can be in the West, South or South-West direction of the Bathroom and it should be 1-2 feet above the ground. The facing of commode should be towards South or North.
- Toilet should not be made under the stairs or in the Centre of the house and it is also important that it should not in front of main entrance door of the house.

Vastu Tips For Bath Room

For Bathroom only, East is best suited direction for its location because it allows the rays of the morning sun to enter into it.

Vastu for Bathroom Fittings

- The shower, wash basin, bathtub and the taps should be in the North-East, North or East direction of the Bathroom because through this the water can drain towards the northeast side easily.
- A leaking tap is considered very much inauspicious in vastu shastra and brings unnecessary expenditure on you. The money never really stays in your house.

Vastu For Electronic Appliances in Bathroom

- Electric equipment like geyser, washing machine can be placed in the south-east direction of the bathroom.
- If South-East direction is not possible, you keep your electronic appliances in South direction of the Bathroom.
- Please make sure that Switch board must be in South-East direction.

Vastu For Overhead Tank in a Bathroom

- If there is an overhead tank in a bathroom, it should be in the North-West side of the bathroom.

Vastu For Bathroom Door

- Door should not be in the South-West direction. It can be in the East or North-East direction of the bathroom.
- if North-East corner door is not possible, the second best choice is South-East or south direction of the bathroom.
- Always shut the door of the toilet after using it. This does not allow negativity to spread in your house.

Vastu for Windows in Bathrooms

- There should be proper cross ventilation inside the bathroom. A large window should be in the North direction and a smaller ventilator should be in the East or West direction of the bathroom.

Vastu for Mirrors in Bathrooms

- The mirror can be on the North or East walls of the bathroom.
- Please make sure that the mirror should never face the door of the bathroom because according to Vastu Shastra, bathroom is the main source of Negative energy and if the mirror will be just in front of the door then the Negative energy will spread in your house.

Vastu Colour for Bathrooms

- You can use light shades of any color for bathroom walls but avoid red and black color. Best choices are White, light blue and pale green for bathroom wall. Tiles should also be in neutral shades.

Some important Vastu Shastra Tips For Bathrooms

- Avoid constructing your bathroom under the stairs or on a wall adjacent to the worship room or kitchen.
- Bathroom should be neat and clean.
- Avoid marble flooring in the Bathroom.
- The facing of Bathtub should be towards South direction.
- Septic tank should be made in northwest direction of the house.
- Keeping a blue bucket & mug in your Bathroom will be beneficial. According to Vastu Shastra, Bucket must be keept with full of clean water all the time. This will keep the family harmony in balanced state.

Vastu for bathroom

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