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Vastu Tips For Bed Room

What is Vastu For Bed Room?

Vastu is an ancient Indian science of proper location and positioning of articles in the house to attract positive energy. Bedroom is an important part of our life and we spent one third part of our life in this place. If any person is sleeping in a room with a wrong location according to vastu, then it brings negativity, health problem and all sorts of trouble in his life. So, a proper rule of Vastu for Bedroom should be followed to ensure health, wealth and prosperity in our life.

Vastu Tips for Master bedroom

According to Vastu Shastra, South, Southwest (Nairuthi) and West direction is best for Master Bedroom. Southwest corner is the perfect direction for Master bedroom because this direction is ruled by Kama & Rahu. Southwest represents the element earth which implies the heaviness, strength and stability, which makes it as the ideal place for the head of the house. If there is more than one floor, the Master Bedroom should be on the upper floor, in the South-West corner.

Vastu Tips for Bedroom for Married Couple

Married couple’s bedroom should always be facing the South-West or the North-West direction to ensure marital harmony between the partners. Always avoid sleeping in South-East or North-East bedroom.

Vastu Tips for Children’s bedroom

The ideal location of Children’s bedroom is in East or West side. Green color is ideal for children’s bedroom because it increases brain power, freshness and peace. Study table in bedroom should be placed in south direction so that child could face east, north and northeast while studying. Bed should be placed at south direction of the room. While sleeping children head should be in east side. Through this, children can acquire high intelligence & knowledge. Doors in children room are best at East or North but not in front of children’s bed.

Vastu Tips for Guest bedroom

The ideal location for a guest bedroom is North-West direction of house. This corner represents Air (Vayu) i.e. movement which implies that Guests who sleep in this bedroom will not stay for long and it doesn’t allow the guest to dominate or interfere. The bed in guest room should be placed in the South/West direction of the room. While sleeping guest head should be in south side. There should not be any beam just above the bed. Color of the guest room walls can be white, cream, soft pink or light blue but the roof should be white. There are some rules regarding to the door of the guest room-
- The door in North-West direction should face West direction.
- The door in North-East direction should face East or North direction.
- The door in South-East direction should face South direction.

Vastu for wardrobe in master Bedroom

- Wardrobes should be in the West or South side of the bedroom.
- The doors of the wardrobe should open towards the east or south direction of the bedroom. Try to avoid single door wardrobes.
- Wardrobes should not touch the wall of the bedroom. Keep at least 6 inches distance between wall and Wardrobe.

Vastu shastra for Bedroom mirror

- According to Vastu Shastra, a mirror should not be placed in front of your bed. Reflection of a person’s sleeping body in a mirror is believd inauspicious in Vastu Shastra. It can bring health problem.
- Dressing table or mirror should be placed in east or north side of the bedroom. Mirror should never be kept in the East facing direction in Bedroom.

Direction of Almirah in Bedroom

- Almirah should be in the West or South side of the bedroom.
- If you are keeping Cash and jewelry in Almirah, facing of Almirah should be North.
- Try to avoid Mirrors on the almirah because mirrors should not be used in the bedroom according to Vastu Shastra.

Some important Vastu Shastra Tips For Bedroom

- There are some Vastu Shastra Tips For Bedroom which should be followed :-
- The shape of bedroom should be Square or rectangular.
- While sleeping, the head should be placed in the East or the South direction.
- Do not keep aquariums or real plants in bedroom.
- Never keep anything under the bed.
- The doors should be placed in the East, West or North but not in South-West side of the bedroom.
- The larger window should be in the North or East and the smaller windows should be in the west side of the bedroom.
- The ideal colors for the walls of the bedroom are light shades of rose, blue and green. Avoid bright colored walls for bedroom.
- Television sets should be avoided in the bedroom.
- Do not display pictures of war, cruelty, sadness, wild animals or any single bird in a bedroom.
- There should not be any beam crossing over the bed in a bedroom.
- Do not place any religious material or idol in the bed room.
- If there is an attached bathroom with bedroom, make sure that it should not directly face to bed and the door is closed at all times.
- A locker used to keep money and jewelry should be at the North or North East side of the bedroom and its facing should be towards North direction.

Vastu for bedroom

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