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Vastu Tips For Dining Room

What is Vastu For Dining Room?

The dining room is a place to have routine gossip while enjoying delicious food with family. In order to ensure positive aura inside, it is good to decorate this space with more care and love. The best idea is to follow vastu tips to create a welcoming environment.

Location of Dining Room

According to Vastu Shastra, dining room should be placed in the western direction of the house. If it is not possible, the northern or eastern direction in the house is the second best choice to place dining room in the house. But southern direction should be avoided for dining room.
- It is also important to place kitchen and dining room in the same floor.
- The door in the dining room should be towards east, north, or west side of the room and the doors should have two shutters.
- It is also important that dining room door and the main entrance door of the house should not face each other directly.

Vastu for keeping Dining Table

- The dining table should be either square or rectangular and it should not attached to the wall.
- It is important that number of chairs with dining table should be in even number. It will minimize the dispute within the family members.

Painting selection for dining room:

The very first and most important consideration for dining room decoration is wall art. If you follow vastu principles for wall décor then it can easily maintain the desired ambiance inside so that you can have more harmony and balance in family relations. Get a beautiful wall art for this room; you can choose a calming painting or some beautiful landscape. Vastu also recommends hanging a photograph of adventurous moments or eye-catching flowers on the front wall. Note that, before you go to buy the painting for your wall, it is good to measure the dimensions that will suit your room décor. For a country style interior décor, it is good to buy beautiful landscape. Vastu principles recommend using silver or gold frame for dining room paintings.

Shelf for display:

Your dining room can also have an open shelf that can be decorated with beautiful accessories. Get some beautiful crockery and vases to make this shelf more appealing and beautiful. The transparent glasses also look awesome on open shelf of the dining room and they are considered auspicious in vastu as well. Prefer to keep this shelf free of dust and clutter.

Mirrors in the dining room:

Vastu always gives preference to mirrors and they are equally important for the dining room as well. It is the best way to create an illusion so that room can appear bigger than its actual dimensions. Vastu experts say that mirror in the dining room appears pleasing to eyes and it can naturally enhance the mood of all family members to have a great time together. Vastu allows large as well as small size mirrors for the dining room.

Centerpieces for dining room:

It is good to place an attractive centerpiece on the dining table as vastu reveals that it makes environment full of positive energy. But you have to be careful about selection of these decorative elements. Prefer to get something that adds warming look to the area and displays luxury. Vastu also recommends using chandelier lights above the dining table. It is also good to put a basket made up of bamboo on the dining table and fill it with vegetables and fruits. It can maintain the pleasant look in your room and as per vastu can also improve harmony in the family.

Plants for your dining room:

Never forget to get some air purifying plants to your dining room. As per vastu experts, they help to improve positive energy in the space and enhance the mood of family members. These plants can also add a natural look to your house. Indoor plants help to ward off negative energy from the space and can make it full of love and peace for people living inside.

Some Other Important Vastu Tips for Dining Room

- Windows should be placed in the East or North side of the dining room.
- The shape of dining room should be square or rectangle.
- Dining room should never be placed in front of toilet, even it should never share a common wall with the bathroom or toilet.

- It is important that while eating, family head should be faced towards East. Other family members can face towards north, east, or west while eating. East is the best direction of children facing.
- It is utmost important that while eating in the dining room, there should be no beam or loft overhead.
- Color of dining room walls should be light shades of green, orange, cream or pink. Avoid white and black color.
- Fridge, Microwave, Radio And Television should be placed in the South-East corner of the dining room.
- Wash basin should be placed in Northeast side of the dining room.
- It is best idea to hang nature paintings in the dining room. This makes the atmosphere happy.

Vastu for Dining Room

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