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Vastu Tips For Kitchen

What is Vastu For Kitchen?

Vastu is an ancient Indian science of getting benefitted by proper use of directions in one’s house. Placing all things in the proper direction encourages positive energy into the house and increases the wealth and prosperity. According to Vastu Shastra, Kitchen is the most important area of our house which generate all kind of energies. Rules of Vastu for Kitchen tells us in which direction kitchen should be placed so that we can use these energies for our benefit.

Where should be the kitchen as per Vastu?

Kitchen should be placed South-East direction of the house because this part represent Fire element. Agni (fire) is the lord of this direction so placing kitchen in this direction brings positive energy, health and wellbeing of the inmates of the house. If it is not possible to place Kitchen in south-East direction, an alternative choice can be the North-West direction of the house. But always avoid North-East direction because this direction represent water element opposite to the Fire element. It will bring negative energy in the house which is main reason of unhealthiness and un-wellbeing of the inmates of the house.

vastu shastra for kitchen platform

- kitchen platform should be placed in the East or South-East corner of the kitchen.
- If possible, platform should be in south wall little away from East i.e. South-East corner or Agneya Kona of the kitchen.
- Best colour for kitchen platform is green. You can use light green colour Granite for this. Second choice is White Marbel.

Vastu Tips for Gas Stove Burners

- Cooking stove or gas burner should be placed in the South-east direction (Agneya Kona), a few inches away from the wall.
- Cooking stove or gas burner must never be in front of the main door.
- The cylinder must be kept below the gas burner.

Vastu Tips for 3 Burner Gas Stove

- In ancient days, Kitchens used only firewood to cook food. They used only one firewood stove to cook food. But now time has changed. Time is more precious than money. You will be able to complete your work much faster than earlier and enjoy free time. It is best for multi-tasking. Place 3 Burner Gas Stove in South-East corner of the Kitchen.

Which side to face while cooking?

While cooking, the person should be facing to the east only. According to Vastu Shastra, it ensures health, longevity and overall well being for everyone living at that house.
- Second choice is North direction. Never cook facing the south or west direction.

Vastu Shastra for Kitchen Sink

-The wash basin (sink), water tab, water filter and water storage tank should be placed in the north-east corner of the kitchen.
- Please make sure that the Kitchen sink and cooking stove should not be close to each other because they represent Water and Fire elements, which are opposite in nature to each other.
- A leaking tap in Kitchen is considered very much inauspicious in vastu shastra and brings unnecessary expenditure on you.

Vastu for Kitchen Storage

- The storage cabinets should be placed in the South or West direction in the kitchen.
- Same rule is also applicable to Storage containers. In kitchen, storage containers for grain, spices, salt, pulses, sugar etc. should be kept in the South or the West direction of the kitchen.
- Always avoid overhead storage above the cooking stove in the kitchen.

Vastu For Electronic Appliances in Kitchen

- Heavier appliances like the fridge, Mixer grinder, dishwasher and micro-wave oven should be placed in the South and West direction of the kitchen. But it is important that their power supply should be situated in the south-east corner of the kitchen.
- You can also place Fridge in North-West or South-West direction of the Kitchen.
- Please make sure that Switch board must be in South-East direction of the kitchen.

Vastu Kitchen Window

- Windows should be placed in the East direction of the kitchen.
- Exhaust fans should be placed in the eastern walls in the Southeast corner of the kitchen.
- Ventilators should be placed in the South direction of the kitchen.

Vastu for Kitchen Door

- Doors should be built in the East, the North or the West direction of the kitchen but should not be in any of the corners. Make sure that the door should open clockwise.
- According to Vastu Shastra, door of the kitchen must never face the door of the toilet.
- According to Vastu Shastra, it is also important that Kitchen should not be directly in front of the Main door.

Vastu Shastra for Kitchen color

- The suitable color of the floor and the walls of the kitchen are yellow, orange, rose, chocolate or red.
- According to mordern Vastu Shastra expert, try to opt color which has some green shades. It will enhance the positive vibes.
- Please avoid using the black color in the kitchen for both wall and floor.

Some important Vastu Shastra Tips For Kitchen

One should keep these points in mind while planning kitchen design according to Vastu:-
- The kitchen should never be placed below or above the bathroom or toilet. Kitchen should never be placed in front of toilet, even it should never share a common wall with the bathroom or toilet. It is also important that the door of the kitchen should never face the door of the toilet.
- Dinning table should be placed in the North-west direction of the kitchen.
- Never place temple (Mandir), idols or paintings of God/Goddess in the kitchen. It is also important that before sleeping, kitchen should be cleaned properly.
- For prosperity, it is suggested that one should offer some part of first cooked food to fire.
- The slope of the kitchen should be from South-west towards North-east.
- Artificial lighting can be placed in the East or the North side of the kitchen.
- Keep cooking stove in kitchen such a way that it should not be visible from the outside.
- Please don't keep the broom (jhadoo) in kitchen. If necessary, never keep it in a standing position in kitchen.
- You can place clock in South or South-west Wall of the kitchen.

Vastu for kitchen