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Vastu For Living Room or Drawing Room

What is Vastu For Living Room or Drawing Room?

The living room is the gathering area for families where they love to have fun together after tiring work hours. They also have lots of discussions about future and career in this space so it is important to keep this room full of positive energies so that you can find positive leads towards your life. In simple worlds, a living room is like the heart of the home so it is important to add more care to it. According to Vastu Shastra, there are so many rules that you must follow for designing and decorating your living room.
Here are few essential tips that must be followed for Living Room or Drawing Room arrangments in House:

Vastu Living Room Direction:

According to Vastu Shastra, the direction of living room or drawing room mainly depends on the facing of the house i.e. if the house facing is east and north, living room should be in northeast direction. The living room should be in northwest direction for west facing house. In south facing house, living room should be in southeast direction.

Best Living Room Shape:

Living room should be square or rectangular shape not in oval, circular or any other odd shape.

Vastu tips for fixtures in the living room:

Homeowners love to decorate this special room with most attractive arrangements but it is important to follow vastu tips to make everything more effective.

Water Fountain in living room vastu:

The best location for a water fountain or aquarium is north and east direction; however, you should always avoid south direction. Prefer to get a small, tabletop fountain that can maintain the flow of water throughout the day. As per vastu principles, it must be preferably made up of copper, glass, stone, stainless steel, clay or bamboo. The fact is that soothing and soft sound of water appears pleasing to the human ear and it works like best mood enhancer. Watching fish activities in the aquarium is also one of the most joyful pastimes for kids. The positive energy of water element leads good conversations between family members as well as visitors.

Fireplace in Living room vastu:

If you live in a cold area and want to install a fireplace in your living room then it is good to choose south-east and north-east direction. But never ever use south-west and northeast directions for installing a fireplace. The reason behind is that south-east side is governed by fire element whereas northeast is the house of water element.

Beam in living room vastu:

The thumb rule under vastu principles is to avoid exposed beam in any room of the house including living room. It is believed that exposed beam adds stress and disturbance to the environment. In case if you have already designed a living room with beam then the best idea to ward off its negative impact is to balance the area with a false ceiling. It can help to boost the positive energy in the environment.

Painting selection with respect to wall:

Vastu Shastra follows few specific rules about paintings for the living room. If you are ready to purchase a new collection of paintings for this room then it is good to follow these guidelines:
• For the north wall of living room, it is good to choose paintings displaying water bodies that can enhance the influence of water element in the space. You can also get some pictures reflecting wealth.
• The east wall must be decorated with a picture of the sun, preferably rising sun. It is also good to get some images of fruits and flowers for this wall.
• If you are interested to bring some Godly pictures to your living room then North-east cornet is best for their placement.
• Paintings like waterfall, rising sun which provide positive energy should be placed in the living room. Portraits of single bird, wild animals, weeping children, scenes from the wars etc. should not be displayed in the living room.

Living Room Furniture According to Vastu:

The furniture should be placed in west or south direction of the living room. Heavy furniture such as showcase or heavy articles etc. should be set against the south and west walls of the living room.

Living Room Colors According To Vastu:

The color of the walls and the tiles should be white, light yellow, blue or green. Color of the walls should not be red or black as far as possible.

Living Room Doors According To Vastu:

Door in the living room should be in East or North direction because these are very auspicious directions and bring wealth, health and overall progress in the house.

Living Room Windows According To Vastu:

Windows should be in the east or north direction because these directions are very are beneficial.

Living Room Seating Arrangement as per Vastu:

Seating arrangement in living room is very important. In living room, the head of the family should always be seated in the South-Western corner and his face should be toward north or east direction. For guest, seating arrangement for him should be in the South-West or North-West corner and his face should be toward west or south direction.

Vastu For Electronic Appliances in Living Room:

Television should be placed in South-East direction of the living room.
Air-conditioners and Air cooler should be placed on the west or north wall of the living room.
Aquariums should be placed in the North, East or North-East direction of the living room.
Lighting in the living room should be very bright because it brings happiness and fortune.
Wind chimes can be placed on the living room door.

Vastu for Living Room

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