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Vastu For Study Room

Important Tips on Vastu For Study Room

According to Vastu Shastra, the study room should be placed in the Northeast, East or West direction of the house because these directions are very auspicious according to Vastu Shastra. But never place study room in any corner of the house. But it is important that it should never be placed in North-west, South-west or South-east direction of the house.
In study room, the study table should be placed in such a way that children must face towards East or North direction while studying because it bring knowledge to children.
The study table should be square or rectangular in shape and it should not be too big or too small.
Bookshelves and cabinets should be placed in the East, North, and North-east directions of the study room. Bookshelves and cabinets should not be in the northwest or southwest directions of the study room.
A computer should be placed in the South-east or West direction of the study room.
Color of the walls of a study room should be light blue, light green, cream, almond or light brown. This give better learning power to children.
While studying, children must not study under a beam. It gives unnecessary pressure to children and affect learning power.
Windows should be large and should be placed in the eastern or northern direction of the study room.
The door should be located in the northeast, north, or west direction of the study room and the doors should be two-shuttered.
Always avoid television or other noisy instrument in study room because these have a tendency to interrupts concentration of the children. You can play soft music for better concentration.
The study room should have proper light. It should be very shiny. Table lamp should be in the south-east direction of the table.

Vastu for Study Room

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